Home to over a million people and iconic attractions such as the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia is one of Pennsylvania’s most exciting places to visit. But while the city is famous for its tourist spots and cuisine, there is one thing that the residents of Philadelphia have been worried about for some time now – the number of car accidents here.

An auto accident attorney in Philadelphia can help victims of crashes get fair compensation without any hassles.

Philadelphia accident statistics

Philadelphia is counted among the most populated cities in the United States. That means there are more people with vehicles on the roads here. And unfortunately, not all of them are efficient drivers. The consequence is that the number of auto accidents in Philadelphia is twice that of New York City.

Records show that the city witnesses approximately a hundred thousand accidents each year, claiming the lives of over a hundred people.

Statistics also reveal that of all the people involved in accidents, 5% were on bicycles, 18% were pedestrians, and a whopping 77% were in motor vehicles. These disturbing numbers have made the local government take note and launch the Vision Zero program to reduce such fatalities by 2030.


Why are they happening?

The reasons for auto accidents in Philadelphia are various. Here are some prevalent ones.

➢ Accident-prone zones like the Roosevelt Boulevard are highly unsafe for pedestrians. It is a 12-lane busy highway road that is over a hundred years old and tricky for drivers to navigate as it leads them through a series of residential streets, commercial areas, and several stores.
➢ Approximately 53% of accidents in Philadelphia are the result of speeding and aggressive driving. Many drivers fail to yield to pedestrians, adding to the number of fatalities.
➢ Distracted driving, driving under the influence, and failure to follow traffic regulations are other common causes of Philadelphia auto accidents.


How a car accident lawyer can help

The roads of Philadelphia can be unsafe for unsuspecting pedestrians and careful, law-abiding drivers because of someone else’s rash driving. So, one can find themselves in an accident for no fault of theirs.

In such cases, it is crucial to contact an auto accident attorney in Philadelphia. Their professional experience and expertise in the matter can help victims in many ways. For one, car accident lawyers can investigate the accident site, assess the damage, injuries, gather evidence pertaining to your case, and deal with the insurance company.

They can also represent the victims in court should the need arise and advise you whether or not to settle for the compensation amount. While the lawyers take care of these things, the victims can rest and recover from their accident injuries without worrying about medical and other expenses.

Accident lawyers will also file for compensation in cases where victims need additional medical treatment and therapy for an extended period.

The Philadelphia government has taken several initiatives to curb auto accidents in the city. These programs aim to reduce the speed limit, improve pavements, widen road accessibility for pedestrians and disabled commuters, and make other upgrades. So, Philadelphians can expect accident-related fatalities to go down in the near future.