Common Causes of Maryland Motorcycle Accidents


One of the main reasons that hiring an attorney becomes vital is that insurance companies are not kind to motorcyclists. The biased assumption of carelessness can bring your case for compensation to a grinding halt. Attorney Steven Heisler understands Maryland laws and approaches motorcycle accidents wholeheartedly to dispel the myths associated with them.

Typically, motorcycle accidents cause more severe injuries than car wrecks, ranging from deep cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). You naturally have less protection on a motorcycle, but that doesn’t mean you are not safe. Often, however, others are not cautious and can have catastrophic results.

How to File for Motorcycle Accident Claims- A Step-By-Step Guide for Determining Recoverable Damages


Gravel is a dangerous road hazard because it destabilizes your motorcycle. You will likely have to travel Maryland backroads that have gravel surfaces. Trucks can throw gravel, too. But, if you take curves and drive the speed limit, you are less likely to have a motorcycle accident.

You do have the right to sue landowners and truck drivers if an accident happens due to gravel. It isn’t your fault that a road hazard they caused led to an accident.

Vehicle Doors

Motorcyclists have to look out for more things than your everyday driver. Parked cars don’t seem like much of a danger. However, it is a common cause of injuries. A driver doesn’t always see a cyclist before opening the door of their parked car. It can cause the rider to hit the door head-on or wreck trying to avoid it.

Most people that ride a motorcycle know to avoid parked cars. It is not only because of their safety but the safety of pedestrians that could step out in front of them.

Slippery Roads

Motorcycle accidents don’t only happen because of someone else’s negligence. Single vehicle accidents are the most common, and they happen with motorcycles, too. The weather can cause some of the worse road conditions – ice, snow, sleet, and rain. Experts recommend that riders avoid getting out during dangerous weather conditions.

Drunk Drivers and Riders

Drunk driver and rider accidents happen at an alarming rate. National Highway Traffic Safety stats show that 28% of fatal motorcycle accidents are due to drunk driving.


Waiting in traffic is not fun, and it is easy to try and take the easy way through it when on a motorcycle. However, lane-splitting is not the answer and is incredibly dangerous. When a rider attempt to go through traffic using the gap between moving vehicles, you are not only breaking the law, but you’re also putting numerous people in harm’s way.

In Maryland, lane-splitting is illegal. As a result, compensation claims stemming from the maneuver are likely not to be successful.


We live in a world full of distractions, from our smartphones to neck-craning. It puts motorcyclists at risk because they are less noticeable than other vehicles. A fast biker can go unseen if a driver is not paying attention.

Distracted driving is a problem for everyone on any roadway. The negligent party is responsible for any injuries or fatalities resulting from doing things like texting and making phone calls.

Uneven and Undivided Roads

Not every road is equally safe. Motorcyclists that travel a lot come across roads that they’ve never driven before. Unfortunately, uneven and undivided roads are not uncommon in parts of rural Maryland. 

If possible, every driver needs to know the condition of the roads they expect to travel. Bikers especially need to do a little research to avoid these types of dangerous road hazards.

Inadequate Street and Roadway Lighting 

It is up to municipalities to ensure their roads are well-lit and safe for all types of drivers. All sorts of hazards and dangers can go unseen because of poor lighting. 

Sun Glare

On the other end of the spectrum, the sun can provide too much light. Therefore, motorcyclists should take precautions to wear protective sun gear and be aware of the surroundings, even on the most beautiful day rides.

Motorcycle Fatality Stats in Maryland

Fatal motorcycle accidents in Maryland have been on a steady rise for years. While the rate of injuries remains the same, more bikers are dying because due to other drivers.

Speeding, drunk, and reckless cyclists are not the primary causes of motorcycle accidents. Other drivers make up at least 60%. In those cases, the injured biker has the right to pursue compensation.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accident fatalities are catastrophic for families. However, so are sustained injuries. The severity ranges, but one injury is too many.

Traumatic brain injury (including concussions)
Spinal cord injuries
Leg injuries (including loss of limb)
Internal Injuries
Breaks and fractures
Road rash



Motorcycle accidents can happen on sunny days as quickly as rainy ones. Everyone should be considerate to those that are simply enjoying a day on their bike. 

Experienced personal injury attorneys understand Maryland laws and work to get both compensation and justice for their clients. No one should have to bear the heavy load of medical bills and lost wages when injured because of another person’s negligence.

You or your family member has a right to file a claim. However, you want a knowledgeable advocate at your side. A lawyer not only works to get you the money you deserve and need, but they also seek justice for the harm done to you. Attorneys give free advice and consult to ensure you are eligible to file a claim.