Semi-truck accidents account for 11% of vehicle accident deaths each year and even more injuries.

When you have been in a serious truck crash, you may be entitled to a significant settlement. But you won’t see a dime of this unless you work with a truck crash lawyer experienced in representing victims.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Truck Crash Lawyer?

Typically, the price you pay for your semi-truck crash lawyer will come out of the settlement amount you are awarded. This will be decided by your lawyer’s contingency fee. It is a set percentage that you agree they will take from your settlement. Often, this set cost falls around 30%.

You may pay fees upfront. You are responsible for the fees associated with case paperwork. These can include things like court fees or medical record fees. However, if a lawyer takes your case they will feel confident about getting these fees back.

Even with some upfront costs, working with a lawyer can give you better chances of recovering compensation. Want to know more about how working with a truck crash law firm can benefit you? View here for more information about hiring a car crash lawyer.

To understand the range of costs, it is important to know the different factors your lawyer may consider in reaching a settlement number. There are several different damages they can request compensation under.

Learn more about the different losses your lawyer may ask for compensation on below.

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Vehicle Damage

The initial steps in a vehicle accident are to recoup vehicle value. When you are in a truck-involved crash, your vehicle damage is significant. Your lawyer can help make sure you get a reasonable payment.

Business Loss

Accounting for the cost to a business for any loss due to an accident may be part of your settlement. If your vehicle is for your business at all, your lawyer may include these costs in your suit.

Being in a serious accident can also make it difficult to earn money. If you must spend time recovering from the accident, your lawyer can request coverage for this as well.

Medical Expenses

Recouping the cost of medical expenses may be the highest on your priority list, as medical bills mount up fast.

Truck crash lawyers have specific experience in getting payment for those involved in these serious accidents. Get your medical expenses covered with the right representation.

With all of these possibilities, the best trucking crash lawyer has many avenues to expand your settlement potential. This, in turn, will expand the percentage they earn on contingency.

In this way, your lawyer is invested in maximizing your settlement so that their cost is only part of a satisfying payout for you.

Hire a Truck Crash Lawyer

Don’t leave yourself unrepresented. Hire a truck crash lawyer to make sure you get justice. Get compensation after an accident that destroys your property and threatens your health.

Learn more about how to get quality representation and what kind of compensation you may be entitled to in our other legal articles.