Paragard IUD T 380A is a birth control device that has continuous reports of breaking apart while removing and porting in a women’s uterine cavity.

But it has allegations such as neither doctor has been informed about his weak structure and product failure nor the customers are given a warning about its careful use because of its delicate structure, resulting in various kinds of side effects and damages to the body.

Product Information- Paragard IUD T 380A

Paragard IUD T 380A is made by Teva pharmaceuticals and recently it has been sold to Copper Surgical for worth 1.1 Billion Dollar. The approval lasts up to 10 years but the doctor suggests that it is safe for 12 years.

Paragard IUD T 380A is of copper material wire that is firmly wrapped in a polythene couple of monofilament Strings at the bottom. It also works as an emergency contraceptive as well as a long-term contraceptive if inserted within 120 hours of having sex.

The effectiveness is proved to be above 90% and it is 100% hormone-free. The procedure of inserting Paragard IUD T 380A is very simple. It will insert it through a thin tube without operating.

Harmful Causes of Paragard IUD T 380A

The device is openly on the market instead of being called off because of its breaking issues, while the device breaks off and the pieces cause:

  1. Severe menstrual pain
  2. Pelvic inflammatory diseases
  3. Infertility
  4. Uterine rupture
  5. Organ perforation
  6. Inflammatory reactions
  7. Cramping
  8. Heavy bleeding
  9. Spotting

If the problem goes neglected or goes unchecked then the patients may have to suffer extreme pain and severe discomfort that can lead to:

  1. Laparoscopy- This is a type of surgery with miniature cameras so that there are fewer cut marks while operating.
  2. Laparotomy- Has the same process of operating that is done while having a C-section type during pregnancy to remove the pieces.
  3. Hysterectomy- And in most cases, it is suggested to remove the uterus causing permanent infertility due to severe infection.

If you are a victim of medical negligence and manufacturing defects of the product, then we can help you compensate your loss and damages in monetary terms. File a claim and win your lawsuit.