Before you turn 44, you’re more likely to die from unintentional injuries than any other cause. Sometimes, those unintentional injuries are someone else’s fault.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one due to someone else’s error, it’s normal to feel angry. It’s okay to feel upset. It’s also okay to start looking into your options for compensation. Wrongful death claims exist for that exact reason.

You’ve suffered enough. Let the responsible party bear the burden of paying for your expenses. After all, it’s the least they could do. Read on to learn what factors could influence the time it takes to get your compensation through a claim.

What Injuries Qualify for Legitimate Workers' Compensation Claims?

1. Your Evidence

The number one factor that will influence the length of your claim is the evidence you collect. A wrongful death claim has a few elements you must prove. Those include:

• The responsible party had a duty to provide for your loved one’s care
• The person breached their duty
• This breach of duty led to the death of your loved one
• Surviving family members suffered a loss as a result of the death


If you can prove all four elements, your case will go by faster. Otherwise, both parties may spend months trying to discover the facts.

When you’ve collected a lot of evidence, you’re in a good position to negotiate. Often, you and the other party will have shared interests. You both want to get through the claim fast and without spending too much money.

That means they may decide to settle with you outside of court if you present a good case from the start.

2. How Many Parties Are Involved

Are there several people who could be at fault for the accident? If so, your case will take longer. You may even need to pursue compensation from several parties.

3. The Value of Your Claim

The value of your claim matters, too. If you’re seeking out minimal compensation, then your claim might go faster. If you’re looking for significant compensation, then it might take longer.

4. The Lawyer You Hire

Finally, the lawyer you hire will make a huge difference in how long your case takes. If you try to go at it alone, then you’ll likely end up spending way longer on a claim than you should. If you hire an ineffective lawyer, then expect your case to drag on.

The right lawyer will provide you with the resources you need to succeed. They’ll push forward with your claim and ensure it gets wrapped up in a reasonable time frame.

How Long Do Wrongful Death Claims Take?

When you’ve lost a loved one, no amount of money can make you feel better. Despite that, compensation is often necessary to help you pay for accident-related expenses. Wrongful death claims help victims get the funds they need after the tragic loss of a loved one.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming the costs yourself. Instead, reach out to a qualified lawyer who can help take care of the legal details for you.

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