There is no denying that mothers are preferred for custody of children. Although fathers also have just as much love to offer, this world is less considerate of how men feel.

If you feel that you would be the better person to take care of your children, you should fight will all your strength to get their custody. Here are a few ways that can help improve the chances of you getting full custody of your children.

How Can I Make Joint Child Custody Work for Me and My Family?

Study Custody Laws

Knowledge is power, and you should increase it as much you can. Don’t just trust everything you read on the internet. Find the official laws related to custody in your city and see how judges make their decisions.

This will allow you to make only informed decisions and avoid anything that could decrease your chances of success. You might be able to find some loopholes that can give you a strong point to present in front of the judge.

Hire a Professional

Even with your own knowledge, it’s crucial that you get the help of a professional family lawyer Singapore. There is a big difference between the laws we read and the culture of courts. Professionals have a better understanding of this culture with more experience of how to win cases.

Divorce Mediation

They already know how most judges view these cases and if there are any laws that can give you an upper hand. Don’t try to be cheap or overconfident when it comes to legal matters.

Stay Involved in Children’s Lives

Get as much involved in your children’s lives as you can. Usually, the father is working to earn money the whole day, and they don’t get to connect with children as much as their mother.

You might not have gotten the chance in the past, but now you should make extra time to learn as much about your kids as you can. Become their friend and develop a stronger bond. Your bond with children plays an important role in the decision of the judge.

You do love your kids and have been working hard for them. However, they are just kids and they only know the person that was at home with them, their mother. You should connect with them and show the love of a father.

Plan How Would Take Care of Children

Just the love is not enough. The judge would want to know how you will take of your kids if you are working full time. It would be easier and better if they just give the kids to the mother and have you work and pay for their expenses.


You should create a plan about how you will take good care of your kids even with the job and fulfill all their needs better than their mother.

Take the High Road

Even if you hate your former partner, it’s best if you take a high road for the good of your children. Don’t lash out or say anything bad about her in the court. Instead, keep calm be open to shared custody if that is good of your kids.