Roles and responsibilities of a Brain Injury Lawyer

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Suffered from a brain injury that was not your fault? Seek expert advice to help you recover.

Many people are put off from claiming back for health issues because it seems rather complex at first glance. When you get down to it, it is complex – but only if you do not know what you are doing. Indeed, the complexity of malpractice and injury lawsuits is why the office of attorney is such an important one.

We took a glance over the roles and responsibilities of a brain injury lawyer to try and help you make the most of your claim.

The Role of the Brain Injury Lawyer

Whether you hire a Miami brain injury attorney or whether you decide to work with someone else in your area, you can be sure that you will receive a high standard of attention to detail. The brain injury lawyer is an attorney that specialises in personal injury claims, particularly of the brain and mind. This means that they will always be best suited to this type of case since this is what they are most used to working.


The traumatic brain injury lawyer will look after your rights and responsibilities while you are in a coma or while you are recovering from a traumatic brain injury. They are typically employed by your family to look after your case while they tend to your bodily needs. Taking care of someone in a coma, that has been in hospital for a long time, or that can no longer take care of themselves due to brain injury, is already hard enough without having to face the legal aspects, as well.

While you are unable, your brain injury attorney will:

● Gather evidence to prosecute or sue for damages. This may mean interviewing witnesses or medical professionals. It may mean visiting the scene of the accident tot take pictures, and it may mean getting to the root cause of your injury.
● File the necessary paperwork to take that weight off your shoulders. It takes years of experience to know what to file and when to file it.
● Using evidence to determine fault or liability.
● Examining if any duty of care has been broken in the treatment of the patient.
● Calculating what the damages are and how they intend to prove it in court.
● Connecting with the client’s insurers, the opposition insurers, the medical staff and experts, and even talking with other locations on behalf of the client. For example, explaining why they are not available for jury duty or why they cannot attend court proceedings for other cases.
● Representing the client in a court of law when they are unable to speak for themselves.
Arguably, the last point is most important. Your brain injury lawyer is your voice when you do not have one. They will represent your interests even if you are unable to represent them yourself. They are the ultimate tool with which you can access the funds you need to make a full and proper recovery.

Your Brain Injury Attorney Makes your Life Easier

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In short, the lawyer exists to represent your interests even if you cannot. Hiring an attorney for a family member who is incapacitated is the easiest way to make sure nobody takes advantage of them. It also ensures you have access to funds for continued treatment. When medical expenses cost what they do, that is not something anyone should ignore.