It’s an offense for a driver to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs, including prescription medications. Depending on the state, the crime is referred to as driving under the influence (DUI) and is punishable by law.

Upon conviction of a DUI, the accused will receive some criminal sentence and might have their driver’s license suspended; this usually depends on how severe the case is and whether the individual involved is a first-time offender.

An attorney from one of the DUI law firms available in California might be able to help the defendant reacquire driving privileges with restrictions, such as receiving limited permission to drive to and from work or using an ignition interlock device (IID).

However, despite the severity of the crime and the resultant punishment upon conviction, many still find a way to beat the system and go scot-free. They do this with the help of experienced DUI attorneys.

Even if the evidence of blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) shows impairment, a skilled DUI attorney in Oakland can get DUI charges decreased, or totally dismissed. They can also frequently negotiate for treatment diversion programs.

Who Are DUI Attorneys?

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A DUI lawyer, sometimes referred to as a drunk driving lawyer, is a legal professional that dedicates all or most of their practice to drugged driving, drunk driving, and related cases. DUI is a subdivision of criminal defense; any certified defense attorney can be used. However, these cases are complicated enough that some lawyers specialize in DUI defense.

DUI cases are common and have distinct strategies for defense. The punishment for driving under the influence can be strict in California, even for first-time offenders. Therefore, top-rated California attorneys do everything to defend their clients unless the state has an incontestable case.

Being represented by a DUI lawyer is not mandatory, but it’s an excellent idea. You have the right to choose any attorney you want, and the court will give you a public defender if you can’t afford one. Sadly, due to the enormous caseloads public defenders have, it’s challenging for them to have the knowledge and time to build strong cases against DUI charges.

It’s better to hire a DUI attorney instead, especially since the punishments for conviction are so extreme. Even if you are sure of being guilty, It’s still worth hiring a DUI attorney. First, you may think you’re guilty, but there might be things you don’t know. There could be irregularities in the evidence that could get it thrown out of your case.

Secondly, your DUI attorney can convince the court to give you a reduced sentence; this will depend on your previous criminal history and other components. Going before the court without an experienced advocate means the court could punish you to the full extent of the law.


Why DUI Attorneys Are Important

Most people that have been caught driving under the influence by the police might want to save money by employing the services of a regular attorney. However, when they embark on this journey, they face more penalties. One of the penalties that might be incurred as part of your punishment is costly, burdensome, and random urinalysis testing.

You will be mandated to report to a testing facility daily to determine if you’re required to test. If you skip a test, it can affect your probation, and you might end up in jail. Testing requirements can be hard to follow if you are an employee or have restricted transportation. Remember that you might lose your license for some time, limiting your ability to make appointments.

A DUI attorney might be able to get this penalty reduced or have it dismissed so that you can maintain a normal life. Without a DUI attorney, it might be difficult to convince a judge to reject this requirement from your case.

A DUI will go on your criminal record if not managed accurately. Consider this when you’re trying to get a new job. It can affect your current employment as well.

If you reside in California,  rest assured that the DUI attorneys in Oakland will do their best to keep the charges to a minimum so that you’re not at risk of having a criminal record. You might be required to carry out community service or pay other fines to keep this information private.

Finding the Right DUI Attorney in Oakland

Hiring one of the numerous experienced DUI attorneys in Oakland affords you several benefits such as a thorough knowledge of the court system, proficient counseling on what to say and what not to say, insight into plea bargain details, and finding solutions in difficult situations. Here are four steps to find the best DUI attorney serving Oakland

  1. Research Potential Attorneys

An efficient DUI attorney that will listen to you, comprehend your case, and help in court isn’t merely going to fall on your lap. It’s necessary to research various DUI lawyers to pick the best one for your peculiar case. Luckily, social media and the Internet have made research easy.

Also, it’s always a great idea to ask family and trusted friends for recommendations and suggestions.

  1. Find Out Whether the Attorney Is Qualified to Handle the Case

After researching, you need to weigh each attorney’s certification to make the best selection. You will want to find out the attorney’s academic background, what areas they major in, and if they are on good terms with their state bar.

  1. Schedule a Face-To-Face Consultation

Face-to-face consultations will take some time out of your day and mean you have to drive, but they are important when choosing a reliable DUI lawyer. Meeting your potential attorney in person allows you to feel how they work, how you two get along, and if they are a suitable fit.

Come to these sessions prepared with all of your essential paperwork so that everything is clear to the attorney.

  1. Consider the Attorney’s Fee

How much does a DUI attorney cost? Several different factors go into how an attorney sets their fees. The American Bar Association (ABA) offers a comprehensive set of suggestions regarding fees.

For instance, a top DUI lawyer might charge more because of his reputation, experience, and ability. But remember, even if you hire an attorney with an awesome reputation, a junior associate might handle your case while the lawyer with the big-name might only come in at trial.

Final Thought

Immediately you find out you’ve been charged with any DUI-related crime, consider getting one of the DUI attorneys in Oakland on your side. It would help if you had an instant defense. The DMV may suspend your license when word reaches them that you’ve been arrested, even before your trial begins.