When someone is charged with a crime, the lawyer that represents them is called a defense lawyer. Regardless of whether their client is guilty or not, a defense lawyer’s job is to reduce the sentence if guilty or prove that their client is innocent. Defense attorney in Phoenix can help with exactly that and more. If you want to know more about what type of cases a defense attorney can represent, then the following is for you.

1. Drug Charges:

Drug charges are severe and come with heavy punishments. The chances are that the accused is the guilty party. In this case, a defense attorney looks to minimize the sentence. A good lawyer who has the right experience and one who knows all the ins and outs of such cases is a must to receive a favorable outcome.

2. Assault and Battery Charges:

One of the most common cases a defense attorney fights is assault and battery. These are also some of the trickiest cases to fight. The main aim is to determine who instigated the incident;since the evidence is mostly witness testimonies, finding the guilty party becomes a bit difficult. Again, an attorney who has the experience of such cases can help a defendant prove innocent.

3. Domestic Abuse:

Domestic abuse cases are also the most common cases a defense attorney fights. These cases are personal and finding the guilty party is easy, provided there is sufficient evidence. In recent history, domestic abuse cases have been concluded fairly quickly because the court allows self-recorded evidence. There are now law firms that only specialize in domestic abuse cases. Hiring them over inexperienced and cheaper ones is the best choice for defendants.

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4. Theft Charges:

Theft cases include robbery, fraud, grand larceny, and auto-theft crimes. The first thing a defense attorney does in these cases is to determine the gravity of the charges. If a firearm is used or the stolen objects are considerably expensive, then the penalties are severe. Usually, the punishment is not severe in such cases and often results in fines or a brief stay at a county jail.

5. Weapon Charges:

These charges are brought on by possessing an illegal firearm and the crimes committed using the same. These charges are usually severe and come with heavy punishment. Defense attorneys specialize in such cases; their main job is to convince the jury to reduce the punishment.

6. Sex-Crime Charges:

Sexual crimes cover everything from harassment to rape. These cases are usually tricky because of their nature. In most cases, the accused is guilty but there have been instances where the defendant was the guilty party. An experienced lawyer senses such scenarios early on and proceeds to develop a defense strategy accordingly.

A defense attorney is a crucial part of any justice system since they have to prove innocence or fight on behalf of the accused. Only the best and experienced defense attorney can help in getting a favorable sentence. A good defense attorney knowing the client is guilty, gets them through the trial successfully.