The car accident needs to meet all requirements before being reported

Different states in the United states of America have different requirements and rules concerning what drivers must do when they have been in a car accident. Missouri states that you must always stop at the scene of a car accident, help anyone who may be injured and call the police straight away. You must also give your information to the other driver in order for them to get in contact with you after and for them to claim their accident insurance and have proof of the accident.

Coordinating with the other driver is always best as it avoids situations of hit and run if you just drive off after an accident which can get you into some serious trouble. In Missouri, You must make sure to report an accident if it has occurred less than a year before or if an uninsured driver was involved or there has been serious damage done to the car or the driver for example, someone has been killed.

These reports have to be written within 30 days of the accident happening and apply for all types of motor vehicles. This does not mean that you can file a police report and be done, you must always report the accident to the Missouri department of motor vehicles

Is there a minimum amount of property damage to report?

car crash

In Missouri the minimum amount of vehicle property damage to report is five hundred dollars which is the usual expense accidents cost to both vehicles.

However, if your damage is below five hundred dollars this does not mean you do not have to report the accident and if you are unsure of how much of your property has been damaged it is always safest to call the police at the scene.

Once reporting the accident, you will receive repair estimates within thirty days which you report to the Missouri department of motor vehicles or the other driver may have already done this.

How to report a car accident in Missouri

To report a car accident in Missouri you have to fill out crash reports which will ask for your personal information such as the place of your collision, the other car involved or even the time of the accident.

It is also important you put down your contact details and also information from the other drivers involved in the accident and make sure to always sign it with your signature. It is crucial you fill out this report within the thirty days after your car accident as after this the incident will not be able to be reported and you will have missed your chance to redeem any claims from your insurance.

You now can clear your conscience of the accident as you have done your part as a responsible driver and just have to wait until the other drivers involved do the same and if they fail to coordinate you can take legal action.