Today’s world is getting more and more competitive. How can you make sure that you are easily visible and seen among your competitors and colleagues vying for the same projects and positions? Are you planning on establishing yourself firmly in the industry? These are the things you need to look like a professional online.

A Professional Website

When someone searches for you online, most of the time, they will use a search engine. Instead of your social media profiles or someone else’s social media profile with the same name as yours will pop-up, have your website be the first item on the list.

A professional website will also make you look credible to potential clients and customers. It adds more information to the nature of your services or business, what you do, your past projects and clients, and they will also have the option to communicate directly with you if you place a contact form or contact information.

Look Like a Professional Online

If you have not yet set-up a personal website of your own, you can get a professional website using the website builder. It’s super affordable and you get all the benefits of having a great website. It’s very easy to use and set-up that you don’t even need technical skills or coding knowledge. Try it out the hPage website builder for yourself.

Social Media Visibility

Being visible on social media also establishes yourself online as a professional. Just make sure that your posts are free from any controversy or malicious opinions. Rule of thumb when it comes to posting on social media is this: Will this affect any race, religion, political view, ideology, or hurt a person? If the answer is yes, then better not post it. As they say, think before you click!

The most common social media platforms used today is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For professional networking, it’s Linkedin. However, it’s up to you which social media services you want to use. It also depends on the nature of your business; sometimes, some platforms are not necessary for the growth of your services, business, or professional branding.

Business Calling Cards

If you’re thinking that business calling cards has nothing to do with being professional online or they’re too outdated in this digital world, then you’re wrong. Most networking events are organized online but sooner or later, you will eventually meetup in real life and when you do, you better have those calling cards ready!

Having a business calling card with your personal logo or business logo on it also makes you memorable. You will look very professional with your services or business and in turn, it might even help strengthen your network and lead to client prospects.

An SEO Optimized Linkedin

Your next client or project can find you on Linkedin so it’s very important to make sure that you’re Linkedin profile is optimized for SEO.

How do you optimize your Linkedin for higher visibility? Here are the basic rules to follow:

● Put down a summary for the work you currently do on the header of your profile.
● Fill down the necessary information of past experiences and projects you worked for, licenses and certificates you have acquired, schools you attended, and the milestones or accomplishments you have done.
● Put your interests on the interests box.
● List down the necessary skills for your job and what employers or clients are looking for.
● Have your connections endorse you for the skills.
● Ask for testimonials and feedback on your Linkedin.