Everyone wants to be rich and successful. There is nothing wrong in that. Many people believe that working hard is the only way to be rich. Yes, they are right. Many believe that finding proper channels of earning handsomely is the number one priority to be successful. They are right as well.

However, what most people do not realise is the fact that before implementing strategies to become rich, they need to understand that success is based on financial philosophies and theories. In other words, you need to understand the philosophy of being rich, before actually becoming rich.

In this article, we focus on five financial theories, which can act as a roadmap for your path to becoming a millionaire. We draw heavily from Robert Kiyosaki’s famous book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ to justify our claims.

5 Financial Philosophies to become a Millionaire: The List

1. Making your money work for you-
Working hard during the day can make you rich. But what happens when you are not working? Can you make money while you sleep? This is the hallmark of millionaires, who can make their money work, even when they are at rest.

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They can do this as they by investing time, build businesses and train a team to look after it. If you are not earning 24×7, you cannot become a millionaire. It is imperative that people who are looking to be rich find opportunities and dedicate resources to this end.

2. Focus on Savings and Investing all the time-
The rich, like every one of us, have expenditures. However, they go to great lengths to ensure that they are engaging in savings and investing. If all, which comes in, goes out, what are you left with? This is something, which many of us do not pay attention to.

Keeping your money in savings and investing it in profitable, low risk ventures means that you always have a handy fortune. Many people who go overboard with their spending overshoot their incomes. The net result- they do not have any money at the end of the day.

3. Investing in assets as opposed to spending in depreciating liabilities-
Every time a millionaire earns a profit, he invests it assets, which he knows will appreciate over time. Every time a wannabe earns a profit, he spends it on a liability that is going to depreciate over time. If every spending you make grows in value, it is going to add to your fortune.

The key is to understand ‘assets’ which are going to grow. Real estate is something that will always be in short supply and huge demand. If you are selective in your asset investments, you are safe as a millionaire.

4. Keep improving yourself by reading and gaining knowledge-
Why are you a mere employee and your boss the CEO/Founder/Entrepreneur? It is because he has put it in the hard work to red more, earn more knowledge and apply it to his business. Every time you learn something new, you are adding to your capital and growing your business.

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Improving yourself at all times by reading, listening to webinars, podcasts, going to conferences, etc. are some ways millionaires take. Even Bill Gates has his ‘Think Weeks’ where he distances himself from everyone and reads many books to nurture his brain.

5. Have the right Mind-set to Success and Failure-

Many people only see millionaires as success stories. They do not realise that they too have made some grave mistakes and errors. However, what separates them from the rest is that they have pulled themselves up. Dusted off the failures and started afresh.

The hunger to not get bogged down by failure and the humility to be real when success comes forth is the mind-set of a millionaire. Do not be fearful of failing, and do not get arrogant when you are rich. Make these your guiding points and you will have no trouble on the path to success.


Rober Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the finest examples of how we can be successful when it comes to managing money. By having the right financial theories and philosophies, you too can hope to be a self-made millionaire in no time.