Covid-19 has forced businesses all over the world to adapt, and the ongoing turmoil in the global economy has increased demand for knowledge and understanding. A new economics book by Professor Anthony J. Evans from ESCP Business School, one of Europe’s leading managerial economics instructors, brings the content that works in his classrooms to an even wider audience.

Business amidst Covid Chaos

Written in an engaging and informal way, whether you are a busy executive or simply an interested amateur, Economics : A Complete Guide for Business is your new go-to guide.

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“I believe that it is a great time to learn economics, and the ongoing turmoil in the global economy has increased demand for accessible yet fulfilling economics books. There is a lot of excellent material out there, and they all help to expand the market for textbooks. However, there’s a gap,”

he explains.

“This project is based on my frustrations at not having a textbook that I can recommend to my own students, and my desire to harmonise the existing electronic resources that I currently make available. I wanted to create a hub for students of economics – whether they’re enrolled on an MBA programme, a time-pressured executive, or simply an interested layman – to see the world differently.”

This book was first published as Markets for Managers, which has proved to be a popular way for non-economists to understand and apply the key tools of economics in a business setting.

In this revised and updated edition, you will be led through the building blocks of economic theory and how they relate to the real world.

You will see how thinking like an economist can improve your decision making, and how markets can be used to generate value within organisations and in society at large. T

he book incorporates the main principles of both micro and macroeconomics and takes a broad and diverse approach.

In it, you will encounter the most interesting economists and understand their contributions in a historical context. And if you are looking for Marketing and Exposure Tips for Authors, click here.

“The perfect way for busy people to understand how markets function, how they can be used to help managerial decision making, and how economic policy impacts corporate performance,”

commented The Sunday Telegraph Editor Allister Heath.

“Evans provides an excellent overview of the key debates in economic theory and leaves the reader enlightened, rather than frustrated. Highly recommended.”

The book is available on the Book Depository website or on Amazon website.