In today’s world, when most marketing is done digitally, the significance of giving away useful and valuable promotional products still have their own relevant space in marketing.

Similar to the function of online advertising, a promotional product helps create an impression on the audience, generate brand awareness, and create business opportunities.

There are various types of customised branded promotional items that you can distribute amongst various stakeholders of the business.

These products are often used as freebies for internal branding, at events, gifting, and much more. A company often chooses to give branded drinkware, a tech device (USB, power bank, etc.), T-shirts, face masks, or a tote bag.

Here are some of the reasons why promotional products serve as a great marketing tool.

5 Essential Elements of a Marketing Plan

1. Low-Cost Repeat Marketing

Unlike the digital marketing advertisement that only remains in the eye of the consumer for a couple of seconds, a promotional product stays with the customer for a long time. Products such as a tote bag, pen, diary, bottle, or a power bank are useful items, and a consumer is more likely to hold onto such items.

Every time someone uses a branded promotional product, it creates an opportunity of gaining more brand awareness.

So, once you have made the initial investment in purchasing and distributing the product, you can reap the benefits for years to come.

2. Builds Relationships

High-quality corporate gifts are effective in establishing long-term relationships with clients and other important stakeholders of the business. Gifting your clients such usable gifts makes them feel valued and helps establish a personal connection with them. It alsohelps make your brand more recognisable and memorable.

3. Builds Brand Loyalty

The rise in influencer marketing on social media makes more sense for a business to invest in promotional items. A business can send their best-branded products to such influencers to get a shoutout on their social media handles which will help increase the  brand awareness and loyalty. Moreover, when influencers share details about the products with their followers, it helps the business to generate some leads and gain traction.

4. Acts as a Business Card

While business cards are somewhat effective, but only in some particular use-case, a business card will find itself lying in a dark drawer somewhere, which will prove borderline ineffective in building any sort of brand recognition. So, a branded product is more than a business card, and since the products have the company logo, it is better retained in people’s memory.

5. Develops a Reputation for Quality

When you choose low-quality cheap promotional items, they may work fine at trade shows or other types of small events since everyone likes to grab a couple of freebies. However, if you wish to create a meaningful relationship, high-quality promotional items may make your brand itself seem more luxurious. The quality of your promotional items will be directly associated with your company’s values, goodwill and portray how much you care about quality. This straight away translates to the way you do business.

So, when you gift your clients some high-quality promotional products, it reflects upon the quality of service they can expect to receive from you in the future.

While designing promotional giveaway items, ensure that you stick to the brand colours and pick useful products that are relevant to your audience.