Malaysia has been one of the most popular business destinations in the last decade. Malaysia’s rising economy has made it a popular business destination in Southeast Asia. If you’re considering starting a company in Malaysia, you’re making a wise decision.

Malaysia’s government is increasing opportunities for new businesses all the time to help grow their economy. Malaysia is becoming more appealing to foreign investors due to its improving economic prospects and major investment programs.

Although there are many benefits to registering a new business in Malaysia, you will likely need a specialist firm to help you with your new business registration in Malaysia. In doing so you will save time and money, not to mention making sure you get all of the new starter benefits available to you.

The following are some of the advantages of starting a company in Malaysia.


User friendly banking system

Foreigners may have several foreign currency accounts in Malaysia because of the country’s versatile banking infrastructure. The bank also offers online/internet account management services.

Corporate Income Tax Rates are Lower

Malaysia’s corporate income tax is very low in comparison to other nations. If your company generates less than RM 500000 in revenue, you just have to pay 20% tax. There is a plan to reduce this 19% over the coming years. If saving corporate income tax is of interest to you this article is well worth a read.

Life satisfaction

Malaysia has a lot more to offer than just company benefits. Malaysia has a high standard of living, and its natural beauty paired with cultural richness are of great value. Malaysia attracts a large number of tourists and business people each year.

Government Policies that are Beneficial

Malaysian governments have been effectively developing and implementing corporate strategies for many years. Local governments, as well as the federal and state governments, work rapidly to address any issues with business licenses in Malaysia. Keep in mind that it is of upmost importance that your business meets the local business laws and regulations, making sure you understand the basic requirements is key.

Interesting facts to bear in mind

• The Malaysian government now permits foreigners to build 100% foreign-owned businesses.
• Malaysia is currently ranked 24th in terms of global trade.
• More than 65000 ventures in Malaysia have been funded by multinational corporations from around the world.
• Malaysia is ranked 6th in the world for ease of doing business, according to a World Bank survey.
• Malaysia is currently ranked as one of the top ten countries to invest in for foreign direct investment.


It is not difficult to start a company in Malaysia. You can easily set up a company if you obey the specific rules and regulations. To draw more international investors, the Malaysian government offers a lot of flexibility and opportunities as you can see. The Malaysian government allows you and your dependents to obtain a two-year work permit to protect your investment in the Labuan business. Job permits, on the other hand, are renewable.

With all of the mentioned benefits available to you and the ease of getting started with the right help, setting up your business in Malaysia is easier than ever before. Get started today and see how profitable your business could be.