Viriphi, Egypt’s leading job assessment provider, has joined forces with WUZZUF, Egypt’s leading recruitment site, to offer innovative recruitment solutions that will help employers identify and attract high-potential talents in an increasingly challenging job market.

Viriphi Assessment
Viriphi Assessment

Every year in Egypt, hundreds of thousands of university graduates aspire to join the job market.

However, with little useful information on young applicants’ CVs, employers face great challenges to identify the right fit for most entry-level positions they wish to fill.

At the same time, qualified talents are unable to differentiate themselves when applying for a job among thousands of applicants.

“To help employers hire the best talents in an efficient way, Viriphi has developed a standardized assessment, called Viriphi Assessment, that measures the key abilities that employers look for in new hires: English proficiency, problem solving, analytical skills and communication skills.”,

says Amr ElGabry, CEO and founder of Viriphi.

“Thousands of job seekers have already taken the assessment over the past 2 years; and more employers are adopting it in their recruitment process.”

ElGabry believes that integrating Viriphi Assessment with WUZZUF will have a transformational impact on recruiting in Egypt: employers will hire the right candidates more efficiently, and qualified job seekers will stand out based on their verified abilities.

“We are on a pursuit to optimize the job market entry in Egypt”, says ElGabry; “over the past 2 years, we have delivered Viriphi Assessment to thousands of job seekers, and we have helped many receive interviews and attractive job offers.

The impact we are making everyday is recognized by more young professionals and more employers who have seen the value of the assessment”.

ElGabry believes that being part of an established platform like WUZZUF would accelerate adoption among both employers and job seekers.

Tapping into the user base of Egypt’s market leader for online recruitment, Viriphi can scale nationwide quickly.

“Before starting the acquisition discussion, Viriphi has been a customer of WUZZUF; and we have observed closely their superior technical capabilities and customer experience. We have experimented assessments through different recruiting platforms; and WUZZUF stood out as the clear potential partner for making a significant impact in the Egyptian job market.”

, says ElGabry.

Amr and Ameer

Ameer Sherif, CEO and co-founder of BasharSoft, the holding company of WUZZUF, says that this acquisition is part of a broader plan to introduce new products to improve the recruitment experience for both job seekers and employers in the region. “I am excited about what WUZZUF and Viriphi can do together to achieve our mission of hiring 1 million people by 2020”, says Sherif; “We also have just announced the launch of Forasna, our recruiting platform for skilled workers, adding Viriphi to our portfolio will ensure that we continue to innovate and better serve the entire spectrum of the job market in Egypt”.

Recently, WUZZUF has been focusing on improving the quality of candidates that employers can find on the platform; as well as improving the accuracy of the algorithms that match jobs with the most fit job seekers.

“Adding Viriphi Assessment capabilities to WUZZUF is a key milestone in our plan to offer employers more efficient ways to hire high-potential candidates; and to make it easier for job seekers to land exciting job opportunities”, says Sherif.

“We’ve looked into several assessment providers, and found that Viriphi offers the best solution that really fits the Egyptian job market. We have already been partnering with them for over a year to assess hundreds of job applicants; and we are confident that their passionate team fits our culture of innovation, high-standards, and long-term focused mindset”.

viriphi WUZZUF and Viriphi have already completed product and business integration and will soon be announcing a set of new services to employers. Last month, they have launched “WUZZUF Talent Discovery Program” to identify the top talents on WUZZUF.

Job seekers were asked to apply for the program, take Viriphi Assessment, and based on their performance they would receive badges that show their areas of strengths.

Those badges are helping top talents get noticed by employers looking for candidates with specific verified abilities.

The program has attracted thousands of applicants; and Viriphi Assessment helped identify those with the highest potential for the job market.

Moreover, WUZZUF is holding a “Startup Talent Matchmaking” event during RiseUp Summit 2016 to help startups reach the best local talents.

BasharSoft, the holding company for WUZZUF and Forasna, has completed the financial acquisition of Viriphi – after recently closing a Series A of $1.7 million from Sweden-based Vostok New Ventures and UK-based Piton Capital, in addition to previous investment from 500 Startups and Endure Capital.

The acquisition deal is the first of its type in Egypt, and probably in the region, where a local technology startup has acquired another startup.

BasharSoft plans to continue building winning partnerships in the areas of talent acquisition and development.