The coastal town of Caloundra in the Sunshine Coast is one of the most visited places in Australia. From its scenic pathways to its breathtaking beach views, it definitely offers something for everyone.

Because it is a well-known tourist spot, travelers from around the globe flock the town year after year. Businesses thrive in the area, and even the property market has gone up. This is why you can find a huge array of gorgeous Caloundra apartments for sale almost everywhere.

So, if you happen to be looking for one, you won’t be disappointed. Sunshine coast units for sale mostly recommend may come in many shapes and forms, but they all have something in common: amazing features!

How to Find Short Term Lease Apartments

Here are a few that you should include in your list during your search:

Enough Storage

Caloundra apartments for sale usually come with storage. When searching for a unit, think of how much storage you will need for the things you own. Do you need a walk-in closet for all your clothes? Or will an ordinary closet do?

Check the entire space if you can have one built when you move in. If you are buying the apartment for business, plan it out and think of how much space your renters would need. Tourists don’t usually bring in a lot of stuff with them when they travel, but there might be others who will stay for the long-term.


Most houses for rent in Caloundra have different layouts, and it is something that a buyer should keep an eye on when looking for a unit to purchase. Don’t just settle for the square footage of each room. Instead, consider the space from the doors to the windows down to the bathroom. This will affect how you set up your areas in the future.


A beautiful porch is not just for the aesthetics. It is also for functionality. So, if you prefer Caloundra houses for rent that have porches, apply that same notion to the property you are planning to buy. Inspect the space and make sure outdoor furniture will fit in. Find out if you can extend when the time comes. Having a porch also increases the market value, so you’ll have your money’s worth in no time.


Amenities assure buyers that they are definitely getting a worthwhile investment. A community pool or a park are just some of the best amenities you could ever get when choosing a neighborhood. Caloundra may be known for its beautiful beaches, but there will be times when you prefer to stay at home, enjoying a barbecue night with your family in your own outdoor area.


When choosing from the best Caloundra apartments for sale offered by agencies like Henzells, it is important to check out your options carefully and decide on a property that offers amazing and functional features. That way, it would be easier for you to put the property out in the rental market or enjoy it with your family when you visit Caloundra in the summer.