There are certain benefits to partnering with a custom software consulting company, which have to be in the center of attention. Terms of cooperation are flexible, allowing to optimize time and financial costs for development.

The competence of the team allows to carry out:

1. Development of applications “from scratch” according to the needs of the client. While it’s determined whether it will be a web application, or a full-fledged application software;

2. High efficiency which guarantees the client the result which he expects. So that there would be exactly that result which should be. Communication technology and shared workspaces enable telecommuting and reduce the need for travel. It results in more efficient project execution and lower costs for our clients;

3. Finalization of the functionality of current applications. It’s presented in the form of plugins and updates within the current system. They use individual functional blocks, or API for interacting with other systems;

4. Save time money, as professionals would always take into consideration all the mentioned requests of the client. So the result would be exactly as it is. Depending on the complexity and volume of the work, there are some approximate terms. It can be 2 – 4 months or from six months to 1.5 years. No one knows the exact timing of the project, as it can’t be in advance exactly how the result of work will look like. But the most important thing – this is the main goal, as well as how exactly to each stage of work;

5. Preparation of IT infrastructure for customized software development. Service support after product implementation. Formation of technical and user documentation. The team keeps up with industry trends, including the move to the cloud. And it develops innovative approaches to meet the challenges our customers face. Consultants always find a trusted partner to many international clients. They rely on ability to understand international perspectives. As well as local requirements and working conditions.

IT process automation solutions


The team uses the principle of turnkey project implementation and includes its analyst. it’s a group of developers with an architect and a tester. It uses solutions taking into account the production characteristics and corporate culture.

Depending on the client’s expectations for project management, is formed a role model of project management. It includes participants from both sides. The rules for working on a project are established depending on its main limitations (terms, territorial dispersion, conditions for launching a product, etc.).

Development is done using the most effective methodologies for each specific project. And the method is determined and agreed in advance. This can be a classic project approach to development with strict adherence and coordination of stages. Or with intermediate control at each stage. In cases where the project involves changing requirements, an Agile approach is used.

The main stages of software development with the classic design approach:

● Pre-project analysis of the Customer’s business processes. Development of technical documentation

● Phased development of a software product

● Testing (functional, load, usability testing)

● Commissioning and integration with the Customer’s environment. User training

● Technical support and maintenance

The companies are ready to provide the development process from the beginning to the end of the project. As well as to take part in the project at any stage to complete certain tasks.

Application Development

Nowadays can be developed cross-browser web applications, desktop and mobile applications. Development of mobile applications is carried out on the basis of iOS and Android. And desktop applications on the basis of Windows and Linux.

Companies that need to make new software to optimize or automate business processes. These are portal solutions, document management systems, customer relationship systems and so on.

Companies that already use software products. These are Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Companies that need to develop or adapt applications for mobile platforms.

IT companies developing software – to attract qualified specialists to work on their projects.

IT companies that want to standardize their customer service. For IT service nowadays are used management best practices.

The cost of software development depends on the complexity of the project and the programming languages ​​used. Ask our consultants for prices! Using a combination of our distributed resources, software development consulting companies can provide almost 24/7 support for any project.