The most important step to set up an online store is to select the e-Commerce platform that best suits the needs of your business and also your customers. Selecting the right e-Commerce platform is a difficult task, there are numerous e-Commerce solutions available for business of all types and hundreds of ways in which one platform is different from the other.

Business owners mostly overlook one consideration that is to what extent a platform is built with SEO in mind. You can visit the to find the best SEO Brisbane for your business.

Selecting an e-commerce platform made with certain SEO functionalities can avoid a lot of headache in the future, in that case you have to make some changes in the structure of your site.

Actual process of selection can be difficult without a clear picture of what an E-Commerce platform offers or without proper knowledge of SEO.

There are a number of e-commerce companies doubting SEO friendliness of  platforms which are quite SEO unfriendly.


Some Seo Features To Look At In  E-commerce Platforms

Before deciding which platform is best for you, be sure to consider how the chosen platform stacks up against  five recommendations.

If recommendations are difficult for you to understand,  representatives at e – commerce companies will help you walk through how their platform handles issues.

Ability To Customise Title Tags, Urls, Meta Descriptions And Header Tags

If the platform chosen by you does not give you the ability to edit title tags, URLs,  meta descriptions and header tags for the home page, connection pages, product pages and other customisable pages, you will have trouble in controlling the way your website is displayed on Google.

Title tags and meta descriptions are not only important as their strategic place to add in your business targeted keywords but they also function as your call to action, that force the people who are searching to click on your listings above competing listings.

Well Optimised Url Structure

It is a very common problem for E-Commerce platforms to generate URLs automatically that are difficult for search engines to understand mainly on product pages and  dynamically generated pages.

The URL is the most important component of any page for SEO purposes not only as it tells the search engine about the page but it is also the path through which search engines can find that page.

So an SEO friendly eCommerce platform is one that gives you the option to easily and quickly add URL strings and rearrange structure.

Customization Of Mobile

After creating an online store, it is important to ensure that customers who access your web page through  mobile devices also have a great shopping experience, which requires forming  new sites just for mobile.

Cutting – edge E-Commerce platforms have options for you to optimise your website for a mobile device which can be either through an app that makes a mobile store for you or through the use of responsive design where a website changes its shape and size depending on the screen on which it is displayed.

SEO friendly E-Commerce platform must have a way to deal any issues that arise with duplicate content being displayed on  website root domain and also mobile site.