There are hundreds of challenges ahead for those looking to start a business. To keep up with an ever-changing market and find the best way to offer a product or service is often an uphill struggle to most. However, having identified these problems will be the first step to finding solutions to them.

Marketing is defined as all those actions that a brand takes in order to better promote and sell its product or service. Thanks to these actions, a brand is able to better reach its target audience and make its way in the market niche where it is located.

The detail is that there are numerous marketing problems that businesses have a hard time dealing with. They are, for the most part, challenging puzzles that end up leading the brand into a loop of negative results that are capable of drowning it, exasperating its owners.

One of the best ways to anticipate this is to know in detail what these problems are and to have a solution in mind to face them. It is also helpful to have the advice of a specialist in the field of marketing campaigns who, according to their experience, can give a satisfactory answer to any problem we may encounter.

Poor presentation of products or services

Marketing Problems

There is a fundamental premise in the marketing world that says that no one likes to be sold to, people just like to buy. Well, it happens that business owners tend to focus on the pure and simple sale, presenting their option in the market as the best there is and filling the potential customer’s head with empty and uninteresting information.

To turn this problem around, the best way is to establish a position from the customer’s point of view. This means that it is necessary to identify ideas or phrases that make the customer feel identified with the product or service and think of it as a solution to a particular need. The ideal in this sense is to highlight as many benefits as possible.

Targeting the wrong audience

Defining the ideal customer is fundamental from every point of view. Thanks to this task from the beginning, it will be easier to know what to say in each communication, the channels in which they can be found and thus obtain a more positive response to a sales attempt.

This is essential when establishing communication campaigns. For example, if you are going to launch a certain offer by email marketing, it is very important to have the correct segmentation so that the offer reaches those people who will have more opportunities to buy.

By using email marketing platforms, such as Mailrelay, it will be possible to have a very simple working method to meet this requirement. This platform has a very powerful free account to start working in this world and enter fully into the task of connecting with potential customers directly. In this free account, they offer the capacity for up to 20 thousand subscribers and sending 80 thousand emails every month.

Not enough publicity

Advertising is the fastest and shortest way to reach the largest number of people without having to spend your life on it. Promotion is part of the indispensable activities that any business must comply with. And thanks to the availability of the internet today, it will be much easier to achieve this goal with little effort.

To advertise it is possible to use social networks that are more in tune with the type of company, the product or service to sell and the target audience. For example, it is not worth advertising a product that is aimed at men over 60 years old in a channel like TikTok where most users are under 30 years old.

It is also useful to use a traditional media promotion strategy, where appropriate. This includes television, radio and print media.

The price

Most consumers have only one concern in their heads when buying: price. Establishing a price that is considered fair is fundamental for the product or service to find a space in the market.

There are several factors that come into play to determine if the price is appropriate. First, it is necessary to assess how much it will cost to manufacture, then determine at what price the competition is offering it, and finally, verify what price the potential customer will be willing to pay.

Each of these elements will have a direct impact on the price placement because the ideal is that the value perceived by the customer with respect to what is being offered is much higher than what he will pay for it.


Lack of a marketing plan

The last aspect we want to highlight is this. Although it is almost certain that most entrepreneurs do not have marketing training, the establishment of a work plan will become the surest route to achieve success in the objectives.

Through a marketing plan, it will be possible to define the best times to give strength to the sale of a particular product or service. For example, with the arrival of summer days, clothing stores are already beginning to echo the sun and heat by placing promotions on swimsuits to enjoy the beach. However, this would not be logical during the end of autumn.

In a marketing plan it is necessary to establish some fundamental points such as the objectives to be achieved, the products and services to be promoted, the channels to be used to accomplish this, the budget that will be allocated to cover the marketing programs, the people who will be in charge of fulfilling each task, among others.

A company, even a small one, will always have the possibility of executing marketing actions that lead to a progressive growth in the level of sales. Forging a relationship of trust with the people who will become potential customers is fundamental in all this, so this task cannot be seen as a simple search for more sales.