Why Is Data About Customer Experience so Important?

Over 70% of customers agree a positive customer experience helps drive their buying decisions. Meanwhile, businesses that improve the customer experience notice an 80% in revenue. In fact, 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

Understanding your customers is essential if you want to grow your business. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to meet their needs and wants.

With data analytics, you can learn more about relevant customer behaviors. Then, you can make changes to your website with your customers in mind.

Failing to recognize the importance of data to the customer experience, however, could cost you. If you’re not optimizing your website, you’re missing opportunities.

On the fence about using data analytics tools? Here are six reasons understanding the customer experience is important to your marketing. Read on to learn more!

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1. Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

Data analytics can help you learn more about your customers.

Who are they? What do they care about? How are they using your website or interacting with your campaigns?

You can use data analytics tools to study the buyer’s journey. Then, you can determine where there are marketing gaps in the journey.

For example, do customers call it quits halfway through the sales funnel? Why? You might need to reevaluate your messaging.

Maybe there’s an issue with a landing page or form.

Analyzing the data will help you make informed web development changes. Otherwise, you’re only guessing. You could make changes that hurt your campaigns, rather than help.
Big data consulting company can help you determine what your customers expect from your marketing campaigns and website, too. First, you can use analytics to determine what demographics your customers fall under. You might recognize your website visitors are older than you thought.

If that’s the case, you might want to increase your font sizes to ensure your content is easy to read.

Are the majority of your website visitors using a mobile device? You’ll want to make sure your website is mobile-optimized. Otherwise, these visitors might struggle to explore your pages.

Are your conversion buttons and forms the right size on desktop and mobile devices? Where do visitors linger on a page?

You can use tools like heat maps to understand customer behaviors. Then, you can make adjustments to your website to appeal to customer expectations. By meeting and exceeding their expectations, you can improve the customer experience.

Failing to meet those expectations, however, could cost you customers. They might leave your website or abandon your campaigns too soon.

2. Generate Brand Loyalty

With COVID-19 quarantines still underway, it’s important to know how to reach your customers online. Otherwise, you might miss opportunities to grow your business. Giving your customers the care and support they expect can help brand trust grow.

Consider every touchpoint across the customer experience. Where can you make updates? How can you make your customers happy?

Happy customers can eventually become loyal customers. Improving your customer retention rate can increase repeat sales. Your ROI will increase as a result.

Talk to your customers and use your data analytics tools. Where are customers struggling? What’s impacting the customer experience?

Responding to customer complaints can help you make positive changes. Consumers will see you want to help and further trust your brand. A company that doesn’t make changes, however, could lose long-time customers.

3. Receive Positive Reviews

Your happy, loyal customers can eventually speak up for your business. They’ll tell other people about their experience with your brand online. For example, customers can post reviews on your Google My Business listing or Yelp.

These reviews can impact your company’s brand reputation.

About 95% of customers will read reviews before making a purchase. Another 93% read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. Over 90% use reviews to make buying decisions.

Using data analytics to improve your web development can help you gain more positive reviews. As you receive positive feedback, consumers will take notice. They’ll realize other customers already trust and love your brand.

If you ignore the customers’ problems, however, they’ll only grow frustrated with your business. Your brand’s reputation might suffer as a result.

4. Stand Out From Competitors

You might struggle to differentiate yourself from the competition if everyone in your industry behaves the same way. Take the initiative. Use data analytics tools to improve your website and campaigns.

You can show customers you’re ahead of the curve. By improving your customer experience, you could gain a competitive advantage. Data tools can help you recognize problems your competitors are completely unaware of.

At the same time, you can develop a customer-centric business. Your customers will see you care about their needs and begin advocating for your brand.

5. Spot Potential Trends

Studying data can help you recognize new customer behaviors. For example, you may have noticed more customers are completing online purchases in light of COVID-19. By switching to an e-commerce model, you can pick up sales.

You can have your sales team develop online-only offers for your customers as well.

Reviewing your data can help you predict potential trends. Then, you can make informed decisions for the future of your business.

You can work with a professional team to make the best online customer experience changes for your business.

6. Analyze and Optimize

It’s not enough to make a few small changes over the years. Instead, you need to analyze your data regularly. Recognizing where your campaigns and web development are falling short is essential.

If you’re not pinpointing potential problems, you’re likely wasting time and money.

Regularly analyzing the data will help you make informed decisions for your business. You can recognize shortfalls and trends, then update your campaigns. Instead of making random updates, your changes can improve the customer experience.

As you improve the customer experience, you’re keeping customers happy. Their happy, positive experience can help you boost conversions and sales. Your ROI will grow, allowing your business to grow, too!

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Data-Driven Results: 6 Reasons Data Analytics is Essential to the Customer Experience

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As you improve the customer experience, you can increase customer retention and boost your ROI.

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