If you are going to be on the go for many weeks or months per year, then you might be wondering – what type of equipment should I use? Since you are going to be on the move and you need to come up with the best ways to keep your food cold, cook in your van, and eat nutritious meals, it can be best to come up with the ideal storage opportunity for your food. After all, the last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere and realize that all of the groceries that you purchased have gone bad – what do you do? If you are not around any grocery stores or any food source, then you are stuck. Avoid this happening by using a hard cooler to keep your perishables cold and fresh such as meat, dairy, and fruit!

Let’s see a few reasons why using a hard cooler is better than a soft cooler if you are a fan of van life and you are on the road – check this out!

3 benefits of hard cooler vs. soft cooler for those who live in their van

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Even if you are only in your van for a few weeks per year, using a hard cooler is the way to go. Especially if you are in the van for the majority of the year – and you are living out of your van during all seasons – you will need to come up with ways to keep your food cold and healthy to eat while on the move. Avoid any diseases or issues that can creep up by eating perishable food that has gone bad – this can wreak havoc on your summer vacation trip or put you in a dangerous situation if you are living out of your van and you find that you are not close to medical care. Avoid this worst case situation by using a hard cooler!


One of the main benefits of using a hard cooler for our vaninstad of a soft cooler is that it is much more durable. You do not have to worry about any long-term durability or structural issue that can arise from any damage to the cooler that can come about due to hits, crashes, or drops of the cooler. After all, you will be using this cooler during multiple points of the year, so you need to make sure it can withstand constant use.

More space

Sometimes, you will find that using a hard cooler has more space than you would find with a soft cooler. If you need to keep a fair amount of food safe and protected for long periods of time, a hard cooler has more storage capacity on your van to do so. Avoid any issue with your food going bad by using a hard cooler to help keep your meat, dairy, and vegetables fresh.


The last reason to use a hard cooler is that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. A hard cooler will typically have a hard top that will keep out rain and snow from entering into the cooler!


Using a har cooler vs. soft cooler is a much better choice for those who live out of their van! To help protect your food from perishing, weather, or animal break-ins, consider using a hard cooler instead of a soft cooler while you are on the road.