There are few purchases more exciting than that of a new car. Once you’ve finally pulled the trigger on a vehicle, you may be wondering how best to maximize the performance and utility of your car. Luckily, now there is an inestimable number of smart car accessories you can use to personalize your car for your own specific needs. Here are just a few of the best pieces of tech you can use to upgrade your new vehicle.



If your car doesn’t have its own as standard, the first purchase you should make for your new ride is a GPS. Easy to use and packed with a variety of features, GPS car navigation systems will ensure you never get lost on a journey again. Modern GPS systems are so intuitive, useful, and ubiquitous that today, many vehicles now have them installed as standard.

Even so, many users will still opt for an external GPS due to the suite of useful tools that aren’t included with the onboard option. These include constantly updated route and mapping information, real-time traffic and hazard notifications, and advice for improving fuel efficiency.

Dash Camera


Safety should always be a priority on the road. Fortunately, there are many gadgets available which can improve your security, and peace of mind. The most useful and popular of these is arguably the dash camera full HD which is attached to the front and rear of your vehicle. The feeds from these cameras are then displayed under your rear-view mirror.

As such, dash cameras are an invaluable tool for ensuring your braking and turning manoeuvres are executed as safely as possible.

Car Vacuum-Cleaner


If you’ve just splashed out on a new car, you will want to keep it in its pristine, showroom condition for as long as possible. With everyday use, you may find this is a difficult task with only household cleaning products, however. A great way to keep the interior of your car as spotless as possible is by purchasing a portable car vacuum-cleaner.

These have several advantages over generic alternatives – namely, that they are wireless, and specifically designed to reach difficult-to-access regions of your vehicle.

Keeping a vacuum-cleaner in your car at all times will also make sure you can keep your vehicle looking brand new wherever you go.

Portable Car Battery


As a driver, you never want to be in a situation where your car’s electricity drains mid-journey. What’s more, with the complexity of the onboard computers installed on many cars, you may find this occurs faster than you anticipate. The best way to prevent this happening is by investing in a portable battery to jump-start your car.

Not only will having one of these prevent this nightmare scenario from occurring, but having one also means you can use your car’s electrics while stationary, without having to worry about draining its charge.

Most batteries now also come with technology that mitigates any dangers associated with jump-starting your car battery.

Smartphone Charger

Given how much we rely on our phones for communication in modern times, it is important that you can keep your phone’s battery charged while on longer journeys. The car smartphone charger is the ideal tool for safeguarding against your phone dying when you need it.

This is far from the only benefit of buying a dedicated car phone charger, though. Connecting your phone to your car through one of these chargers also will allow you to take calls and play music through your car’s onboard computer. Many also include mounts, so you can view any notifications without taking your eye off of the road.