Are you the kind of person who wants to extract every bit of performance from your vehicle possible? If so, then you’re going to have to make aftermarket modifications to your car to improve it. One of the easiest such modifications that you can do is to install a volant cold air intake.

Not a lot of people know, however, exactly what the cold air intake does. In this article, we’ll discuss the cold air intake purpose for your vehicle and give you five solid ways that it will improve your car if you install one today.

1. Better Power

The first benefit of a cold air intake is increased power. The way a cold air intake works is that it reduces the temperature of the air coming into a vehicle’s engine.

Cold air is denser than hot air. The result is that more air is being forced into the engine which results in more of the fuel being injected into the piston getting burned.

More fuel being burned results in more power being outputted out of the engine. That allows your car to be more powerful and top out at higher speeds.

2. Stronger Acceleration

The natural result of better power is stronger acceleration. A cold air intake will improve your vehicle’s acceleration. There’s no doubt that with a Volant Intake installed, you’ll be quicker off the line than ever before.

volant cold air intake

Expect a drop in your 0-60 time when your system is all set up.

3. An Enhanced Intake Sound

The way that a cold air intake funnels air into the engine makes the intake flow sound a lot louder. If you want to achieve that sonorous throaty rasp from your vehicle that everyone usually desires, then getting an aftermarket intake is the way to go.

Too many people focus just on the exhaust note. But the truth is, you also need to consider the intake sound for a complete and thorough improvement in your engine’s sound.

4. Cooler Running Temperatures

Colder air being forced into the engine means that the engine burns at lower temperatures than previously. This results in cooler running temperatures for your car, which allows you to push your car to its limit for longer without worrying about it overheating.

5. More Miles to the Gallon

Last but not least, a cleaner, fuller burn of the fuel in your vehicle means that you get more miles to the gallon. Since the fuel is being used more efficiently, the car will get more drive out of the same amount of fuel that it was using previously.

Most modifications that result in power gains also result in a lower fuel economy, but a Volantcold air intake is one of the special few that achieves both positive results.

Cold Air Intake Purpose for Your Vehicle

There you have it — now that you know the cold air intake purpose for your vehicle, all that remains is for you to install the Volant intake system on your car.

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