Used cars have been driven for a long time in Jacksonville, and fewer miles will be left before they die. Moreover, you must take better care of a used car. The older the car, the lower the price and the more watchful you have to be.

These cars are old, but they need some extra care and effort. However, you don’t have to invest much money in maintaining your newly bought used car in Jacksonville. There are simple yet effective ways to optimize fuel efficiency.

You can find some of the best used cars for sale in Jacksonville. The prices of vehicles will decline in the second half of 2022, which is good news for buyers.

Six steps to ensure an increased mileage

Run the beast for more than you expect with these tips.

1. Be smooth with your controls

Suppose you are a rash driver; it’s time you go slow on your car controls. Used cars have undergone wear and tear. When you purchase that car, you have to ensure that you don’t put undue pressure like sudden brakes or accelerators.

For fast drivers, you might harm your used car’s fuel efficiency.

2. Take longer trips

When you go for a drive to the end of the city for your monthly grocery needs, you are doing your car a favor. Hence, try to go for longer road trips.

The reason is that the car consumes extra fuel every time you start your engine. You can save money and time by preparing such drives.

3. Reduce air drag by closing your windows

When you are moving at high speed, your car has to drive against the wind. When you have open windows, the air drag increases immensely and impacts fuel efficiency.

This trick comes as a savior to maintaining your car’s mileage. Moreover, you can keep your AC turned on as it will not affect your fuel usage more than keeping your windows open.

4. Shift your gears on time

If you are a new car owner, you must understand the importance of shifting gears on time. You must change to the highest possible gear without the engine knocking.

Your car will consume more fuel in low gear when you accelerate. However, if your engine cannot move smoothly, shift a gear down immediately but smoothly.

5. Go light on your vehicle

Heavier cars will need more power and force to run. Hence, you should try for medium-sized or lighter cars when looking for used cars for sale in Jacksonville.

However, if you buy a bigger model, get rid of any extra weight like sports gear, child safety seats, heavy bags, spare tires at the back, etc. You will notice the fuel gauge is more stable.

6. Regular servicing is a must

Regular cleaning and servicing are a must for any product’s maintenance. When you have a dirty car interior or air filter, you will have to shell out big money later on to repair the damage.

It is no secret that when you service your engine regularly, it consumes less fuel.


Wrapping Up

Some of the best used cars for sale in Jacksonville will fulfill your car needs. However, owning a used car comes with a few extra efforts. One of the best tricks that will keep you and your vehicle running smoothly is choosing to walk.

If you plan to visit a crowded area or have to run to the grocery nearby, try walking instead of driving. You will burn no fuel as well as keep that heart smiling.