As it goes without saying, we all are humans and are bound to make mistakes, especially on the road. A staggering 1.35 million people die every year as a result of accidents on the road because of careless driving.

Yet, we make the same mistake over-and-over; whether it’s because of lack of awareness or indifference to the other vehicle, people make the same mistakes. Here are the most common driving mistakes you need to avoid:

Not Adjusting Mirrors:

Don’t think of your rear and side view mirrors as just a piece of decorations. In fact, they are an important piece of an instrument in your car to help you see behind you. But, most of the drivers drive with mirrors out of position and not adjusted properly.

This, in turn, can lead to road accidents, as you will not be able to see the cars coming behind. Just ensure that mirrors are at the right position. Also, poor positioning of mirrors will not let you see when the person behind is switching lane. The problem becomes amplified when the mirror is adjusted so poorly, and the driver is only looking its own driving wheel.

Leaving Documents At Home:

Car documents, if left home can put you in serious situations. Things like driving licence, pollution papers, car insurance from very cheap car insurance is what you should not forget keeping in a car.

Further, the most important car coverage will be your stat’s liability and property damage coverage. Get into the liability without insurance, and you will find yourself in penalties, including medical bills and more.

7 Most Common Driving Mistakes You Need To Avoid Right Now!

Moving Slowly Through The Passing Lane:

Moving slowly in the passing lane on the highway is not just annoying, but is also dangerous. The frustrated drivers, who is trying to speed in the slow lane, will try to pass other cars, which can lead to accidents.

However, drivers should understand that right side lane are only for slow moving vehicles, and the left ones are for a speedy driver. So, find your lane, in which you are comfortable driving.

Not Indicating When Turning:

Turn symbols are an important safety feature as it informs other drivers about our next move on the road.  For instance, if you are not using turn signals to give an indication of you changing lanes, it will force the driver behind and to the side to react to the driving actions even at the last second with no special warning. And that’s when the accident happens!

The driving etiquettes indicate that people should use turn signals whenever changing sides and lanes. However, make sure to turn it off after your move.

Most of the times, this driving mistake invites accidents. If you are looking to answer the question as to when to hire a car wreck lawyer, this is the right time! You need to ensure that you or the person who is involved is not injured, look at the condition and damage on the car and get in touch with the insurance providers right away.

Driving On The High Beam:

Driving on the high beams can not only blind driver in the oncoming car, but will also distract drivers. However, they are important to use when driving on roads that have street lights. Just be aware when to turn on and off high beams.

The general rule is to keep your vehicle at low beam whenever you see other car’s taillights or headlights. Further, high beams can reduce visibility, so make sure you drive carefully when driving.

Speeding Through Yellow Lights:

Yellow light is to slow down; however, people use this symbol to speedup their vehicles. We try to get through the yellow light because we don’t want to wait at the red signal. However, it is very dangerous and should be avoided.

Stopping Without Any Sign Or Warning:

Let’s accept it: we do apply sudden breaks whenever we see parking spots or anything that fascinates us. However, abrupt breaks without warning can cause a collision. However, a driver should also be conscious of the cars behind and should stop with care.

No matter how trained and skills you are, chances are you have made at least one of the above-mentioned driving mistakes.