When you start searching for an auto shipping company, there are tons of questions running in your mind. You might ask yourself which vehicle transportation service is the best, how to calculate its cost, etc.

Not to mention, a large number of auto shipping companies to choose from makes the task even more difficult. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. In this guide, we’ll tell you simple steps to find the right transporter for your vehicle.

So, let’s get started!

Research Online And Explore Your Options

A little research goes a long way! Research for the shipping companies you are interested in and make a list of what services they provide. Ask questions to understand well about their shipping process. Some of the characteristics of a good car shipping company are:

Professional Service And Timeliness

Search for a company that is known for its professionalism and timeliness in the drop-offs and pickups. You can read customer reviews or talk to the transporter directly about the shipping process.

Sometimes, unavoidable factors such as weather conditions, traffic, etc. may cause a delay in the service. However, a good company contacts the client immediately if any changes in the schedule occur. Look for such positive reviews that separate a company from the any other Cheap Motorcycle Shipping homepage.

Short-Term Deadlines

No one wants to wait for weeks or months to get their vehicle after buying it from a dealer in a different state or shifting to a new place. To avoid this, go for the transporter with large, high-functioning fleets.

Good Customer Service

Go for a company whose representatives are knowledgeable enough to answer your queries. They should be available to contact their truckers in case you want to know about your valuable asset during its transportation.

Ask Your Queries About The Shipping Process

Some of the questions to ask the auto shipping company you are planning to use are:

  • How long does their shipping process take?
  • Whether they provide covered or uncovered carrier options for the service?
  • What are the delivery options they offer?
  • Do you have to pay extra for scheduling vehicle pick up?
  • Do they charge extra for a vehicle with a tank full of fuel?
  • Does the base price include vehicle insurance?

Car Parking

Know who is exactly shipping your car. Most of the time, the initial person you contact is the broker who may not be with the company you have chosen to use. Or, you can choose those companies or brokers who represent themselves only.

Get Your Quotes

Now that you’ve chosen a shipping company, contact them through their website or give a call to get the auto transport quotes. Some companies specialize in luxury cars, while others provide service for transporting smaller vehicles. So, know what you need and check the type of service accordingly.

A Tip To Remember: Don’t fall in the trap of the shipping companies that ask for upfront money. Such companies may take your money but not provide the services later.

Know Their Terms And Conditions

Read all the terms and conditions carefully and understand them. Find out the type of liability insurance the carrier offers if your car gets damaged during the shipment. Also, know if the company provides any coverage in such a condition.

Schedule The Pickup Date

If you feel satisfied with the answers, terms, and conditions, contact the carrier to schedule the pickup. Besides, keep up with all the documents related to the shipment to avoid the hassles if any problem occurs later.

Get Ready To Transport Your Vehicle

Once you place the order, your carrier will notify you about the shipment. Put a bit more thought into choosing pickup and delivery locations. For example, the unpredictable weather makes it impossible for the carriers to reach specific areas. So, it is better to have flexible plans for such delays.


Shipping a vehicle is a tricky process. However, if you take some time to research the best carrier, it can become less stressful. The tips mentioned above can help you choose the right shipping company to transit your precious vehicle to the destination safely!