Most guys love cars and like to keep souvenirs of their dream car at home. Some now are in love of Vintage cars and started to show off their home ideas collections for fans (as we mentioned a few weeks ago).

Here are a few Cars Fans who went the extra mile to embed car parts in their homes. Here are a few Home ideas for Cars Fans according to car part or accessory.


Chandelier pistonPiston Chandeliers look cool in the living room.Pison lamp

Piston lamps for the night read.


BBQ MiniBarbeque hoods.

Billiards MustangMustang billiards table show your exquisite taste.

Fiash pool

Gather your fish in a big bowl.Chevy couch

Rest on the sidewalk in your chevy.Chevy bedOr Sleep in your Chevy truck.

VW hammockRest inside your beetle.

VW Bus Bar

The coolest VW bar ever.Playground car

Tires & Wrenches:

Use Cutlery from tires and wrenches. Impress your guests over dinner.

HoseTow the hose in elegance.Tires Bathroom

Wash your hands and check the tire for perforations.


Engine tableRoar that shiny engine in the living room.

Moto faucet

Motorcycle fans also get to show off.


Toilet recaroYour ass deserves the utmost rest.

If you have other ideas, leave them in the comment section below….