Negotiation is an art, and you will need it if you have decided to buy a used car. Many would call it haggling, but negotiation doesn’t have to be a combative experience. So, you have decided to buy a used car, but your budget is low? Is the car you like overpriced? If yes, then we are here to help.

You will find various used car ads on ZeMotor, with a wide range of car pricings. Every seller is different, so you never know what kind of person the seller of your car maybe. Nevertheless, you need to be always ready to negotiate to get the best price. Here are a few tips on how to negotiate and get the best deal on your used car.

Do your research

Before you start negotiations, you need to be prepared with your backup data and facts. By that, we mean you need to know what the actual value of the used cars in montclair in the market is. You can find the car’s instant market value online or research on how much other sellers in the area are selling similar models.


Your seller will definitely talk you out by saying that it is the best price but don’t outright believe them. If the seller can’t explain for the extra costs she/he is charging on the car, then it is better to move on to other cars.

Make an offer

After you’ve placed the market value and other information in front of your seller, you need to make your offer. If you are not sure what price to quote, you can offer at least 10%-15% lower than what the seller is asking.

The seller may probably react shockingly or make you feel that you are bleeding him dry, but don’t feel guilty. Remember that this is a business, and you want to buy a car, while he wants to sell one. If he feels that your offer is not good enough, then he won’t take it.

Consult a mechanic

There is no better person than a mechanic who can tell you the actual worth of a used car. You can request the seller to let a mechanic inspect the car thoroughly. This will come in very handy during negotiations.

You can ask for help from a mechanic you trust and know or ask for a recommendation from a trusted friend. By hiring a mechanic, you will know if the car needs any kind of fixing and what needs to be fixed. A mechanic will also be able to give an estimate of how much you may have to spend on repairs. Depending on that, you can ask the seller for a discount.

Car Maintenance

If the seller doesn’t agree to have a mechanic inspect the car, you know that it is not as good as shown in the pictures. It is time for you to move on. Another cue is to see if the seller tries to convince you out of car inspection.

Ask for an exchange offer

ZeMotor allows its users to exchange goods and services for other goods or services, and not just money. Therefore, if you want to exchange an old car or a valuable item with the seller, you can simply ask. But, you need to be sure that the value you exchange should be on par with the price of the car you want and not lower.


If a seller has any specific payment mode as a preference, it is usually mentioned in the car’s description. To negotiate better, you can agree to the payment method that he wants. That will send a signal that you are genuinely interested in buying the car.

car insurance

If both of you have agreed on cash payments, then it is best to do it at a bank. That will avoid any further issues in the future.

Keep your calm

The whole negotiation process should not take more than an hour or two if you are talking over the phone. It may be a shorter process if you do it face-to-face. The important thing is to keep your cool the entire time. You may exchange heated conversations in between, but remember that you want his car as much as he wants to sell.

Be prepared to walk away

You should be prepared to walk away if the negotiation hits a wall. Don’t be afraid to let go of the car if you are not getting the price you want. But, of course, your offer price should be realistic. Don’t get too attached to the car, and try looking for other options on ZeMotor.

Make the deal

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After both parties have agreed on a price, complete the deal with all necessary paperwork. Make sure to check if the owner has any outstanding amount on the car and so on.


When you buy a used car, you want to negotiate and get the best price possible. Every seller knows that every buyer will try to negotiate on the price. Therefore, it is crucial that you do all research you need before beginning to negotiate.

Finding top quality but cheap used cars on ZeMotor is easy because of sellers’ and cars’ diversity. Once you equip with all the necessities mentioned above, you should be able to get your next used cars in el cajon at a reasonable price. In addition, read here the benefits of buying cars online.