Owning a ute is a great way to transport tools, materials and more. But if you want to protect your valuables from the elements or potential theft, you need storage drawers. Here are some tips on choosing the right options and configurations based on several possible uses.

What Triadies Should Consider

Like most vehicle customisations, selecting storage solutions for a ute depends on the intended use and environment. Tradies should look for sturdy construction and materials that can handle the wear and tear of the outdoors. Several options exist, but the best are typically made with composite materials and reinforced frames.

Tradies should also consider their particular needs and weight capacity requirements. Heavy-duty drawers capable of holding up to 300kg may be necessary when carrying large tools and materials.

Getting sliding ute storage boxes with a moving tray under or next to the storage system is also a good idea. These slides help reduce the risk of items sliding out and make it easier to access whatever is needed quickly.

ute drawer

What Off-Roaders Should Consider

If you plan on using your ute for off-roading, look for drawers with added protection from dirt, water and dust. Sealed systems with weatherproof construction are ideal, as well as those with stainless steel frames and locks.

Off-roaders have a lot of gear to store, so look for drawers with plenty of space and dividers to make organisation easier. Additionally, these should have secure locking systems with anti-theft features like keyless entry.

What Road-Trippers Should Consider

The popularity of utes to explore the great outdoors has increased significantly over the past few years. Road trippers should look for ute storage boxes that can make the trip more comfortable, such as fridge-in drawer units. These units guarantee that no matter where you are on the road, you can easily access food and beverages.

Road-trippers could also consider a custom unit that can be modified slightly to meet the specific needs of that trip. With options for different sizes, heights and lengths, you can easily create a custom storage system that will fit perfectly in any vehicle.

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What Everyday Ute Drivers Should Consider

You don’t need to use your ute for a specific purpose to benefit from storage drawers. Ute drivers who want to keep their cargo secure and organised can choose from several options, including drawers with different levels of height adjustability.

Systems that combine sliding drawers and trays can offer the most versatile storage to meet the intense or laid-back demands of the day. For example, a single or double storage system with a small side slide can accommodate work and leisure items at the same time without crushing, dirtying, or damaging anything in the process.

Make Your Ute More Functional With the Right Drawers

Whatever you need your ute for, the right storage solutions can make it more functional and convenient. Be sure to consider the environment, intended purpose and your particular needs to pick the best drawers for your vehicle, but if you are having trouble, always feel free to reach out to a local storage solutions specialist with the ute model and make for more tailored advice.