Are you concerned about the status of your RV when it is not in use? Do you find that you are only using your mobile home for around 1-2 months of the year for summer vacation, and the other 10-11 months it sits idle? If you’re concerned about the lack of use that could lead to troubleshooting issues, mechanical concerns, and a lack of consistency in the functioning of your RV, then you might consider using an RV storage unit.

Instead of having your RV sit for months in inclement weather which can cause it to rust or break down, why not invest in an RV storage unit to keep your mobile home in tip-top condition? Along with increasing your confidence in the RV, you can make sure that you and your family are safe while using your mobile home. Let’s see a few reasons that you should use an RV storage unit and HOW you can tell that it is time to invest in this safe alternative to keeping your mobile home in the intense outdoor weather.

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Only use your RV seasonally

If you find that you use your RV for the summer vacation period when your kids are out of school – but it sits idly for the remainder of the year – this can cause issues that arise from lack of use. Just like a car, you will find that not using your vehicle can cause you to have mechanical issues, mechanical concerns, and problems with starting and running the RV. For example, one of the most common issues with cars is the inability for the engine to start after it has sat idle for multiple months – this is why people who are using their cars for only short periods have to hire someone or have a friend run their car occasionally to prevent any engine disruptions.

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In addition, transmissions can go if they are not consistently run for periods after disuse – avoid this from happening to your RV by using an RV storage unit. If you find that you are only using your RV for short periods during the year, this can cause issues – avoid any concerns that can arise from inclement weather, being stored in harsh conditions, and succumbing to intense rain or snow by using an RV storage unit. Although you may not be using it all year round, you can avoid mechanical issues by storing your RV in a weather-protected unit that prevents any frost formation, water damage, and cold/hot weather issues.

It has been proven that using an RV storage unit can drastically improve the lifespan of your mobile home! By storing your RV in a controlled unit, you can avoid excess rain, snow, wind, or sun from harming your mobile home while it is not in use. This way, you can protect your home from intense weather, animals, rodents, theft, and insects.

Keep your RV under 24/7 surveillance

The next reason you should consider using an RV storage unit for your investment is to protect it during all times of the year. If you find that you are living in an unsafe area, you want to protect your valuable investment, or you simply want better peace of mind, then you need to use an RV storage unit. Regardless of whether you live in a safe or unsafe area, accidents can happen, people make mistakes, and your property can be damaged. Even if it was not intentional, a car could crash into your RV, kids could vandalize your RV, or something could happen to the inner or outer workings of your RV – avoid this from happening by using a monitored RV storage unit to keep your mobile home safe and secure!

Meet other RV enthusiasts

The next reason to consider using an RV storage unit to protect your mobile home is to meet others who are interested in RV use and storage. Instead of always going on vacation on your own, why not meet others who use their RV to get around? This way you can bond with like-minded people – and even potentially find people who you would enjoy traveling with!

Benefit from deals and perks with the unit!

Just like any business, if you use their services as products, you will be more likely to get perks and ideals that can increase your likelihood to return in the future! By using an RV storage unit to hold your vehicle and prevent theft or security issues, you can make sure that you are storing your mobile home in a safe, secure, and affordable spot to help you have better peace of mind.

Increase your space

The last reason that you should consider using an RV storage unit is to free up space! Unless you’re living on a 50 acre farm with plenty of field space and private land, you will have a hard time finding space to store your RV while it is not in use. This is especially true if you live in a city – where can you expect to park this huge vehicle if you’re living in an apartment building for 10-11 months out of the year? Using an RV storage unit is one of the only ways you can free up your own space, avoid having to park your RV on a busy public road and decrease the chances of theft or vandalism on your mobile home.

Even though it can seem convenient to store your RV in your yard or a massive garage, this can be less secure, less weather-protective, and less functional when it comes to storing other valuables. If you have yard decorations, equipment, keepsakes, and other items that need garage storage, you will not have space if you use this garage solely for RV storage!


If you are debating whether to use RV storage, the answer is yes! Not only will you benefit from increased security, higher weather protection, and better peace of mind, but you can ensure your RV will stay in tip-top shape for a longer time. After all, this was a big investment for you and your family – avoid this from turning into a lot of lost money by taking care of your mobile home.