Technology makes modern life easy, convenient, and stress-free. We have computers to allow us to do our work, phones to stay connected, and a whole heap of gadgets and devices to support us through all the various other tasks that make up the fabric of our every day.

Having access to personal and reliable forms of transportation like cars undoubtedly also make life easier. Whether it’s driving to work, dropping the kids at school or doing the weekly shop – a car is a fantastic asset to have. It is almost impossible to imagine navigating modern life without a vehicle, especially for families with young children.

One class of vehicles stands out amongst the crowded automobile market, and that’s the small SUV. These versatile cars are small, strong, sporty, and outshine other types of cars on virtually all fronts. In this informative article, we’ll share some of the benefits of compact SUVs, in case you were considering acquiring one for your own household.

Performance, Power and Prestige

A compact SUV, or sports utility vehicle, is an excellent choice of car for those that value performance, power and prestige. SUVs perform better than sedans and hatches due to their sporty design and powerful engines. They are a great choice of car if you want a performance vehicle without compromising on size.


Due to their larger size, their engines offer more torque, and they are a thrill to drive. Their power means they can hold their own on the road, with rapid acceleration and good cruising capabilities. In essence, a small SUV has all the prestige of a sports car with all the practicality of an everyday ride, making this vehicle model a worthwhile investment for any and all avid drivers.

Storage Space and Cabin Room – Added Bonuses

An added bonus of small SUVs is that you can reap all the benefits that accompany increased storage space due to the car’s larger size. These vehicles offer more storage when compared to smaller makes like sedans, and we’re talking about more than just trunk space here too, as SUVs generally also have under-seat storage alongside having a spacey cabin area that can accommodate just as many bags as it can passengers.

This is incredibly handy, as you can carry what you need to get through each day with more than enough room to spare. Whether it’s the kids’ sports bags, school bags, groceries, or other items that you need to transport with a small SUV, you’ll live peacefully knowing that you’ve always got the required room.

More cabin room also means that you won’t feel cramped and confined when driving, making small SUVs some of the best cars for road trips. Added legroom in these vehicle models is also generally outstanding, and your passengers will also feel relaxed and free as the larger size inside the vehicle means they have room to stretch out in the back.

Safety First – High Ratings

New compact SUVs have high safety ratings, which is growing increasingly essential for all modern cars. Features like airbags, advanced ABS braking and lane drift detection all play a part in this safety rating and reduce the chances of an accident.

For instance, cars that are fitted with airbags are designed to deploy these quintessential safety features by detecting rapid and abrupt decelerations in the vehicle that cannot be caused by a driver braking. This means that, in the unlikely event of a particularly bad accident like a head-on collision, you and your passengers will be protected upon impact.

BMW X3 Front

Be sure to read up on all the safety features and technology that’s fitted on any car you may consider purchasing, just to ensure that the vehicle will be guaranteed to keep you safe in the event of a collision. Modern SUVs tend to be more than up for the job, both due to their included safety features, as well as their robust physical build.

Great Fuel Economy

It’s also worth noting that a smaller SUV offers improved fuel economy when compared to a larger model. This is due to their compact size, requiring less power to drive. Increased fuel efficiency also means that you will save money each week, as you won’t need to fill up as often as if you drove a larger vehicle. These savings will naturally add up each year, saving you hundreds on fuel in the long term, and simultaneously minimising the carbon footprint of you and your family’s travel habits.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s fuel consumption rating when researching car models, as this will tell you how much fuel it takes the vehicle to travel 100km. However, actual fuel consumption varies due to the driving style. For instance, stop-start driving habits that are utilised in inner city driving can burn more fuel. Frequent stopping and starting is less of an issue, however, in electric and hybrid vehicles, as regenerative braking allows drivers to reappropriate the kinetic energy produced by the act of braking to charge their car’s battery capacity.

In essence, opting for a hybrid or electric compact SUV will further increase the fuel efficiency of what is already a fairly fuel efficient vehicle model.

High Tech Entertainment and Navigation

Modern SUVs come packed with high-tech modern entertainment systems to keep you happy and occupied while driving. Bluetooth connectivity is a standard, so you can pair your device and listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks as you drive. This is great for those facing long commutes on the daily.


In addition to this, some models also come with inbuilt navigation systems, which means that you don’t need to use your phone to get from point A to point B, as the car’s inbuilt system will do it for you. This is an excellent feature for those who may find themselves travelling often, like couriers or families who love to embark on road trips regularly.

A Sporty Summary

In this helpful article, we’ve shared the benefits of compact SUVs and how they are small but strong and sporty – without compromising on power, storage, or safety. Increased fuel efficiency is a great perk, too, as are their fancy entertainment systems. If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ll do yourself a favour by considering a smaller SUV as your next personal ride.