Car accessories are big business. It is estimated that the Australian car accessory market alone is worth $6 billion per year. This isn’t surprising when you start looking at the accessories available and realize that some are simply essential.

Whether you are looking at the best BMW accessories or trying to accessorize your tired Ford, you need the following accessories in your vehicle:

saudi drive 2

1. Mobile Phone Charger

In the modern world, people carry phones with them everywhere. Phones are much more than a means to contact someone, they are the perfect way to always have a camera with you, access maps and FGPS locators, and even look up information on the web.

Of course, you can’t use a phone while driving. But, you can charge it, ensuring it is always ready for use.


2. Phone Holder

While many modern cars have GPS built into them, there are still plenty of people that rely on the GPS map system on their phone to navigate. That means you need a phone holder for your vehicle. It allows you to look at the map, make a phone call, and even prevents your phone from being damaged during transit.

In short, it’s an essential accessory.

3. Electric Tire Inflator

No one likes the thought of dealing with a flat tire. But, sometimes it happens. When it happens you have several choices. The first is to change the wheel. This is the most time-consuming option and may be unnecessary.

Instead, you can use the electric tire inflator to re-inflate the tire and carry on. Just make sure you check it again to ensure it’s not going down too fast.

It is also possible to fill the tire with foam. This will allow you to drive to the tire place at a slower speed but your tire will definitely need to be repaired, not replaced.

BMW X3 Front

4. Carper Spot Cleaner

If you like your car then you will want to look after it. That means when things are accidentally spilled on the seats you’ll be glad you have a carpet spot cleaner in the car.

The best versions of this product can be applied to the spill and lift it out of the fabric before it leaves a mark. That helps to keep your car looking perfect.

5. Hanging Diffuser

Why invest in a car air freshener that needs to be changed regularly when you can have a diffuser? This can be filled with your preferred perfume and your car will always smell fantastic, regardless of who you have had in the vehicle.

Naturally, there are many more accessories that you will want to add to your vehicle, most of which you will deem as essential because they make your car feel like you it’s your safe space and a fun place to be.  You can argue about the merits of each accessory, such as snow chains or hooks for bags. But every car should have the above five.