A car is a necessity for many people who use it to go to work, run personal errands, and travel to far destinations. Unfortunately, after driving the same vehicle for many years, there is a great possibility that owners will have to replace a car part at some point.

However, whether it is something simple such as an air filter or something more complex like a fuel pump, people often wonder whether they should purchase new or old car parts for their vehicle. In most cases, they choose to buy a new part because they believe it will be more useful than an old one. This is purely a misconception because old car parts have also proven to be a worthwhile investment as they offer plenty of benefits.

In this post, we share five advantages you get from buying used auto parts for your vehicle.


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Financial benefits

There is no question that new car parts can be quite costly, especially if you buy them directly from a specialized auto store. Because of this, the demand for used parts has significantly increased as these parts are much cheaper than the new, manufactured ones. Although the price of used parts will vary based on various factors such as rarity, demand, condition, dealer, and location, you can still find an auto part that is suitable for your vehicle and falls within your budget.

You should also consider looking for local companies that specialize in selling used auto parts at a great price. For example, if you live in Philadelphia you should consider Orthodox Auto Co as the best place to find suitable and affordable parts for your vehicle, as well as great customer care.

Higher availability of parts

Another great advantage you get from purchasing old auto parts is they have higher availability than new ones. There are many vendors, salvage yards, and online sellers that sell used parts for a wide variety of makes and models of vehicles.

However, the most important thing you need to remember when shopping for old auto parts is to always verify the authenticity and reliability of the sellers you are buying from. There are vendors who don’t sell high-quality parts or sometimes sell non-working ones at a higher price.

So, make sure you look for sellers who work in well-established companies and have a strong reputation and experience.

Used auto parts are eco-friendly

In addition to benefiting you in a variety of ways, buying old car parts can also benefit the environment. The biggest reason for this is that these parts are kept out of landfills as the need for mining new steel to manufacture new parts is significantly reduced.

Therefore, by investing in used parts, not only are you saving your own wallet, but also helping preserve our ecosystem and natural resources by reducing the industry’s production of new parts. In fact, according to experts, it is believed that the sale of used auto parts saves about 85 million barrels of oil every year.

Old car parts meet OEM standards

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and refers to auto parts that are manufactured by the original vehicle maker. If you choose to purchase new car parts for your vehicle, the chances are they may not meet the OEM standards as they would probably be manufactured by a third party and may not work for your car.

However, the advantage of buying old car parts is that they will most likely fit in with your vehicle and function properly, especially if you obtain them from a car of a similar model to yours.

Used auto parts can be refurbished

Reputable used parts sellers will guarantee that the parts they sell work. Sometimes, their inventory will include an old car part that has a few problems or imperfections, which they refurbish and resell to be used in another vehicle.

In general, refurbishing is when the part gets a tune-up, treatment, and a new look, making it as valuable and efficient as new. The refurbished part should work on your vehicle unless there is a defect your seller should tell you about in advance.

Also, it is important to note that many vendors will charge refurbished parts slightly more than other used parts.

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Final thoughts

Although your first thought would be to purchase new car parts for your vehicle, you should consider buying used ones instead. There are plenty of benefits you will get from used car parts, including saving money, higher availability, and environmental friendliness. All you have to do is explore the wide range of available used car parts and purchase the one that’s right for you and your vehicle.