Actuators are an indispensable part of any vehicle, whether it is a personal car of a machine for heavy-duty applications. While many actuators are already installed during the manufacturing process, there are still extensive opportunities to modify your car and make it super functional and unique.

How can you modify and improve your vehicle with linear actuators? The options are limitless. It all depends on your imagination and budget, of course. You might use actuators, actuator systems, lifting columns to create the car of your dreams. And we are happy to provide you with some ideas.

What about Installing a Wheelchair Lift?

Wheelchair lifts are becoming more popular. It is determined by the fact that life expectancy is longer, hence, there are more aging people. While they can move around freely, getting in and out of a car might be challenging. A wheelchair lift is a solution that can move the comfort of elderly people during trips in a car to a completely different level.

If you have an elderly family member, you might want to use this idea to make his/her life more convenient and joyful. A reliable wheelchair lift will eliminate all the struggle connected with pushing the person into the car and then, pulling him/her out. You push a button, and a wheelchair lift lowers to receive a new passenger. One more push of a button and a wheelchair lift lowers to allow the passenger to come out effortlessly.

TV Will Entertain You During Long Trips

If you have ever travelled in a car for long distances, you know that TV can make any trip more entertaining. Thus, a TV lift is one of the most popular applications in a car interior. Moreover, nowadays, you can either buy a TV lift or make it.

A good TV lift can hide your TV or make it appear when you need it. A modern TV lift can adjust the screen height and rotate it to achieve the most optimal viewing angle. You can install it in any available place: on the car ceiling or on the backside of the driver`s seat.

If You Are an Avid Traveller, You Need a Bed!

If you use a small personal car, you don’t have many options if you decide to sleep in your car. You can recline a seat and arrange a sleeping place there. Some people prefer to carry around in a car a small inflatable mattress. With it, they can arrange a miniature bed on the backseats.

But if you have a SUV or a minivan, you can consider yourself lucky. There, you can install a fully functional bed.

For that, you need linear actuators or lifting columns, depending on how and where you are going to install your bed.


For a SUV, lift columns are better. You can install your bed in the back part of the car. With a push of a button, you will be able to make the column extend, and the bed is lifted ready to use. When you don’t need it, just lower it. Such a bed almost doesn’t take any space. Thus, you can keep your luggage as usual.

For a minivan, you might want to use actuators or a ready bed lift. For such a vehicle, it is recommended to install a bed that can be lifted when you don’t need it. Thus, you will be able to save all the space for your needs.

And on the vehicle walls, you can even install folding seats and a table. You can automate these furniture pieces or fold and unfold them manually, whatever you prefer. A nice and reliable TV lift will complete the interior.

In any case, you can turn your minivan into a comfortable living room and in the evening, it will turn into a normal bedroom.

Any More Ideas?

The ideas can be as many as you can imagine. Whether you need to modify an old car or a new one, you have plenty of options.

In an older vehicle model, you can automate windows, doors. You can make automated seats or headrests. You can install a TV or gaming equipment to keep your passengers entertained.

In newer models, you can install an automated TV lift, bed, furniture. You can build a wheelchair lift to make the life of your dear ones more comfortable. Or you can install some elements and even automate them to make your car unrecognizable. Just make sure that all the elements don`t break any regulation of law.

There are plenty of options to make your car more convenient, beautiful, or unusual. Everything depends on you, your needs, and your budget. Whatever you need, it can be added or automated. It doesn’t matter the size of the item; you can find actuators of the needed size and with the needed features.