ANA has launched a 5-year ANA Star Wars Project leading up to 2020 that will connect Japan to the global market.
The remains of 16 pyramids with tombs underneath have been discovered in a cemetery near the ancient town of Gematon in Sudan.
Ongoing repairs and development of the old downtown of Cairo are moving at rocket speed. The neighborhood which battled corruption, 3 revolutions and endless massacres is finally getting its share of 'positive' attention.
Finally We bring the latest Italian fashion directly to your closet . And by Italian let's talk about the 2V's " Valentino & Versace".
The Egyptian government will probably relocate to the new capital, which will be located east of Cairo and take 12 years to build.
A new proposal from Russia would see the country connected to the U.S. by highway bridge linking New York and London.
Have no idea Who, When, and What to Give out Flowers? Here's The Men's guide to buying flowers to your spouse.
This is a guide on choosing the best value for money and services by decent banks with 'good' customer support and reviews
Its not always about the French/Italian & American Labels, sometimes it's about the local brands & the different styles. Introducing Dalia Naguib floral fashionwear for men.
This weathers best solution would be traveling or swimming naked but sadly its not an option, so come on its fact lets face it beach summer swimsuits are a must have to add in your traveling luggage.