Egypt is the first nation in the entire 40-year history of the iconic Professional Squash Association (PSA) Men’s World Championship to have six players in the quarter-final stage.
Everybody we know loves to travel but they know it comes with the agony of not finding a shatafa or bidet spray. Here we give you six shatafa alternatives when traveling.
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We start now by reviewing the best pizza on earth; Papa John's Pizza.
Qatar Airways, our favorite airline for the region launched a campaign to take you around the world for culinary experiences called the Globetrotter offer.
Ahmed Eid, our favorite DJ in Egypt released his latest single "Homecoming". The single is available on Soundcloud below.
Qatar Airways has today announced a new daily service to the popular city of Luxor, Egypt – effective 30 October 2016.
NFL season is almost starting and we have a business trip to New York. We missed the playoffs and we couldn't miss more. We decided to show you ELMENS guide to watching NFL while traveling.
An Egyptian guy was caught selling a Geely Coupe as Ferrari online. That is the best scam we saw in years.
Every guy needs a favorite scent and this fall we will make you small good. Here are our top 5 fall scents for you.