People are hogging their mobile phones, using them like trigger-happy maniacs on the redial button! Well there are manners to call people on their phones now! So here we present ELMENS guide to mobile phone etiquette.
Everyone missed Bassem Youssef, the funniest show host of the decade. Well, there's a new opportunity to see him again in your living room, just like the old days.
Maybe you've heard of it. Maybe you haven't yet. But Emirates Airlines just launched their offer of the year for Egyptians.
Sooner than later, UberEATS is coming to a city near you any moment now!
Qatar Airways has launched a unique stopover package in partnership with Qatar Tourism Authority are offering transit passengers the opportunity to discover Doha with free luxury hotel stays and complimentary transit visas.
To support all those observing the holy month, Etihad Airways will have special services in the air and on the ground for everyone traveling on board their fleet during Ramadan.
Iflix, the world’s leading Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) service for emerging markets, is thrilled to announce the launch of its revolutionary service in Egypt with exclusive content for the 2017 Ramadan season.
Isn't it so beautiful buying shoes to match your outfit the next party/event?! Yes actually it is, and will make your night even way better…but will affect your future somehow!
We decided to help Men utilize their weekends to the fullest and stay successful even on weekends.
What you don't know is that even you can help save the environment by doing small lifestyle changes. These changes although very small but when added up can make a huge difference. And that is that Energy Upgrade California is all about.