Nike Kyrie 5 Ikhet Ancient Egypt 2

The Concepts x Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Ikhet’ Draws Inspiration From Ancient Egypt

The legendary Eye of Ra plays a huge role in ancient Egyptian mythology and is the core inspiration for the new Nike shoes design.
The Population Council Egypt

Population Council Discusses Opportunities and Challenges Facing Technical Education Graduates

The Population Council is holding a conference to discuss advancement of technical education and the challenges facing technical education graduates, being the main source of trained labor in industrial, agricultural and business sectors.
How to Sleep Better with a Hectic Schedule

How to Sleep Better with a Hectic Schedule

Here are four top tips on how to sleep better with a hectic schedule.
how to love your man

How To Love Your Man

There are 6 pillars of a relationship that show your real love to your man.
shave towel

The Insider’s List to the Best After Shave Balms

Facial skin is very sensitive and after shaving for many years, the skin can never get used to it. Over the years, Men have been affected by all sorts of irritations, red skin, marks,...
9 Ways to Reduce Cancer Now

9 Ways to Reduce Cancer Now

We here have research several ways to reduce your cancer risk as dictated by World Health Organization.

Keep your Body Safe with BODYARMOR

We have been looking for the perfect sports drink after exercise and we have found our ideal drink, BODYARMOR.
Barbasol Ultra 6 Plus Razor

ELMENS Review of Barbasol Ultra 6 Plus Razor

Chapeau to whoever made the handle mobile and the razor eloquently sharp

Croatia President Celebrating with Team

Bringing them good luck, spreading good vibes, traveling with the fans, taking pictures with everyone, going into the locker room and dancing very happy.

Chinese fans go crazy over Ronaldo

Chinese fans go crazy over Ronaldo