Men’s guide to shaving the genitals

Many Men are hesitant or confused on how to shave their private parts. We decided to give you a guide on shaving your genitals the right (easy) way.

Sex for money on Arabian Flights?

We’ve heard plenty of stories of flight attendants making some extra money on the side for sex , though usually it’s not while actively on duty. Well, this time it seems REAL!

How BIG is your thing? Know it now before it’s too late

Ever wondered how BIG is your thing? Know it now before it's too late!

7 Reasons to drink Green Tea

Turns out that drinking green tea regularly can do wonders for your body. Here are seven ways the drink gives you a boost.

Al Ahly secured Saleh Goma on a 5 years

Al Ahly finally secured the signing of Saleh Goma on a 5 years deal up to 2020

Top 10 Sexual Fantasies (Women’s too)!

Since the 1970s, social scientists have been studying sexual fantasies. And while it is impossible to accurately study the varied fantasies of millions of people across numerous cultures.

Foods that increase YOUR Sexual activity! Try Them!

Everyone needs a boost for his metabolism and drive. Perhaps, these natural ways can double or triple your sexual activity with no side effects. Try them and give us your feedback.
KFC Coffee

KFC is launching edible Coffee Cups!

KFC, The US fried chicken chain, announced yesterday that it was planning to serve edible coffee cups.

Evidence that DIET drinks gain Weight

A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics society found that people who drink diet soda gain weight, over nine years, more than those who did not drink diet soda.

Arab Celebrities showing off at the Gym

Arab celebrities are very picturesque and fond of taking their pictures (well who isn't). Some take pictures showing their awesome bodies while others are just showing off at the gym.