Woman putting a Medal in her pocket at the World Cup Closing Ceremony

France might have beaten the appropriate teams to earn themselves the World Cup trophy and World Cup winners' medals individually, but one person decided not to go through all the hassle of becoming a professional footballer to earn the accolade.
prostate cancer

7 Facts Men should Know about Prostate Cancer – The Significance of Cancer Awareness

It is good to quit smoking, eat a healthy diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, restricting red meats and full-fat dairy products can help improve prostate health significantly.

Egyptians making Squash history

Egypt is the first nation in the entire 40-year history of the iconic Professional Squash Association (PSA) Men’s World Championship to have six players in the quarter-final stage.
An Insight intoParkinson’s Disease - Top Facts to Know

An Insight into Parkinson’s Disease – Top Facts to Know!

Doctors say there are no tests for Parkinson’s Disease and its conclusion is drawn by symptoms like tremors and shaking in the limbs.
chocolate ice-cream cake

Enjoy yummy chocolate flavored cake

Why not surprise your spouse with a yummy cake?


Here we give you 6 essentials for a solid gym routine so your body can recover quickly, just in time for the next exercise.
Clean Water

Why You Need To Invest In a Filtration System for Clean Water

Protect your health and the health of those you love by investing in a sound home water filtration system.
Men's Health

7 Important Tips for Men’s Health

Like women, men need to have regular visits with the doctor, take steps to manage stress, make nutritious food choices, and engage in physical activity.


Everyone goes through hard times every now and then. Stress from work, spouse or life challenges can make a Man's life pretty hard. Well here is ELMENS guide to reduce stress and deal with it.

Arab Celebrities showing off at the Gym

Arab celebrities are very picturesque and fond of taking their pictures (well who isn't). Some take pictures showing their awesome bodies while others are just showing off at the gym.