RiseUp Summit 2017 Day Two Wrapup

RiseUp Summit, the region’s leading event bringing MENA region entrepreneurs together at the heart of downtown Cairo, has concluded its second day of conversations on how innovation can drive and improve Human Experience (HX) for today’s businesses.

Big News at the RiseUp Summit 2017 Day One

In its fifth edition, the summit's theme is 'Innovation to Improve Human Experience (HX),' which focuses on utilizing innovative thinking alongside creativity, technology and capital to create outstanding HX.

8 Hard Truths About Life That You Should Know By Now!

You realize there are some things about life that you can not change but have to deal with. No matter how hard they are.

Top 25 Male Bloggers on the Planet

As we all know men also deserve the best fashion so we searched & picked them right and here we are listing the billion dollar industry top 25 blogs for men that made it globally with LOVE, CARTIER & PERSONAL STYLE.

RiseUP Summit 2017 AGENDA Finally Revealed!

RiseUp Summit, the region’s most-anticipated entrepreneurship event, today revealed its three-day agenda, focused on ‘Innovation to Improve Human Experience (HX),’.

Winter on a Private Jet!

So here is the deal why don't we take a few minutes drawing lovely locations & styles in our heads and see how winter takes us with its own private jet

RiseUp Summit 5th Edition Coming Soon!

Now in its 5th edition, RiseUp Summit is the leading entrepreneurship and innovation event in the region - bringing the MENA ecosystem together in the heart of Downtown Cairo.

When Saudi Women Start Driving

Just last Tuesday, Women in Saudi Arabia have celebrated the news that they will finally be able to drive ALONE!


Everyone goes through hard times every now and then. Stress from work, spouse or life challenges can make a Man's life pretty hard. Well here is ELMENS guide to reduce stress and deal with it.

Summer Party is ON

Believe it or not Men actually care for what they wear just like women and more to impress their girls or chill with their friends in style when the Summer Party is ON!