Mercedes-Benz Launches Collection Subscription Plan

From thrilling performance to supreme capability to refined comfort, you’ll have access to the Mercedes-Benz lineup for one flat, monthly fee.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Why I loved the game as an Egyptian...

As an Egyptian fan of the assassin's creed franchise, I want to share my view on the game, especially after finishing the game, all the DLCs and playing the game all over again.

The Insider’s List to the Best After Shave Balms

Facial skin is very sensitive and after shaving for many years, the skin can never get used to it. Over the years, Men have...

9 Ways to Reduce Cancer Now

We here have research several ways to reduce your cancer risk as dictated by World Health Organization.

Keep your Body Safe with BODYARMOR

We have been looking for the perfect sports drink after exercise and we have found our ideal drink, BODYARMOR.

Looking for Elegant Simplicity? Try YPRES

We came across a new brand for Men, called YPRES. It's a brand that's not only trendy in summer, but any time of year.

ELMENS Review of Barbasol Ultra 6 Plus Razor

Chapeau to whoever made the handle mobile and the razor eloquently sharp

Exclusive Transformers G1 Reissues DEALS at

According to the The US retailer announcement; Starscream, Hot Rod, a Contructicon gift set, and “Legion Class Figures” which are Bumblebee, Outback, Tailgate and Swerve.

Woman putting a Medal in her pocket at the World Cup...

France might have beaten the appropriate teams to earn themselves the World Cup trophy and World Cup winners' medals individually, but one person decided not to go through all the hassle of becoming a professional footballer to earn the accolade.

Croatia President Celebrating with Team

Bringing them good luck, spreading good vibes, traveling with the fans, taking pictures with everyone, going into the locker room and dancing very happy.