Fashion Designers Limited Collection to Save Our Species of Endangered

The "Save our Species" collection is a great idea and will draw a lot of attention to the endangered animals worldwide.

An American Dreamer Story to Watch

Not many times does one watch a movie and actually get inspired, as like we did with "American Wrestler".

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Launching Very Soon

The Ritz-Carlton is launching bespoke cruises on the first of three custom-built yachts in 2019.

The Ultimate Valentine Gift Guide

Valentine is in the next few days guys did you manage to get the right gift for your gal? I don't think so but don't worry because I got your back.

Behold the New Grand Egyptian Museum

The largest Egyptian museum, the largest museum in the world. expected to open later this year in 2018. A museum worthy of our Egyptian civilization displays 100,000 archaeological pieces of Pharaonic, Greek and Roman civilization.

ELMENS Fall – Winter 2018 Fashion Trends

From fur to embroidery to bright colors to retro vibes we have seen it all on the runways of Fall/Winter 2018.

7 Wareen Buffet Tips to be Happy

Money is not listed here as ofcourse as Mr Buffet has more than enough. But for us and definitely you, money does bring happiness.

Tracksuits Love

Lately we have been seeing that tracksuits are coming back hard, and all the big brand names are going for the trend that will rule the winter of 2018.

The Couples Friendly Hotel “Kempinski Nile”

Couples just need a nice place for weekend getaway or day use and that why the right choice is why we choose Kempinski Nile Hotel.

How to be a Sexy Man

Well, who doesn’t want to be sexy right? Everyone wants to be the attraction point in any gathering, so here we are giving you the guides of being sexy and shining every time.