The Solar Impulse that landed in Cairo

The Sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has finished its nearly ending flight, landing in Egypt's capital, Cairo.

4 Minutes: All it Takes to Stay in Shape

The 4 Minutes workout apps are all it takes to stay in shape.

5 Benefits of Using Gazelle Workout Machine

This is an excellent apparatus for the maintenance and fitness of muscles of your body.

Behold Dubai Safari Park

The City of Dubai released an image of the upcoming main building which is due for completion by the end of the year when the Dh1 billion Dubai Safari project is bound to open soon.

Go For The Right Interior Painters For Your House Indoors

Undoubtedly, colors and hues significantly enhance the mood, and one should paint the interiors of the home or the commercial space to have a cozy atmosphere.

Shop Summer Shorts at GANT

A pair of GANT shorts or swimwear is a perfect expression of our roots in the New England lifestyle. By the sea – together with...

Worth Reading: Rock Bottom to Rock Star

Written by self-made multimillionaire CEO - Ryan Blair - after the success of his first book: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain. Blair's first book earned him bestselling author stature, and this follow-up thought-provoking book is guaranteed to solidify that stature.

A Visit To Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal intricate work of art and architecture took almost 17 years to complete.


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Amir Hayek Releases His Latest!

This comes as part of his legacy track series " Push the Limits". It is a great inspiration to everyone.