Sawiris is actually buying an island for the refugees

In his latest endeavor and Egyptian economy Mr. Naguib Sawiris announced that he would buy an island for The Syrian refugees.

7 Ways to Lose Weight Before Breakfast

Trying to lose weight but want to keep your breakfast. Well, now you can. With a few simple, early morning tricks, you can elevate your metabolism and get your fat burning to lose weight.

13 Things Men Need to Know About Pregnant Women

Here are the 13 most important things to remember when treating pregnant women.

Luxury is in each GIVENCHY !

The 2015 Givenchy collection of animated Bambi's & Animal Monsters was one of the best sellers all around the globe from the Top to the Toe.

King Tut’s Mummified Penis Reveals a secret!

The king's burial as god of the afterlife reflects ancient turmoil, study says.

Guide: Connect to the Internet for FREE while traveling

When traveling overseas, your friends and family will want to check-in to be sure you’re safe. And they’ll want to know all about your trip and you might have some work to do!

7 Arab Singers who looked very different before!

Before the fame, or rather the beauty before you know it by the way to the plastic operations for many of the singers contrary to what they look like now.

J’adore DIOR !

Well its not about a specific season, it's just about 2015 & Dior.

To The Beach Bitches ! Get your Beach Summer Swimsuits before...

This weathers best solution would be traveling or swimming naked but sadly its not an option, so come on its fact lets face it beach summer swimsuits are a must have to add in your traveling luggage.

The Men’s guide to buying flowers

Have no idea Who, When, and What to Give out Flowers? Here's The Men's guide to buying flowers to your spouse.