How to Sleep Better with a Hectic Schedule

Here are four top tips on how to sleep better with a hectic schedule.

How Local Language Learning Can Enhance Your Travel Experience

A little knowledge of foreign lingo can help you develop a bit of familiarity with a specific country. But, to fully immerse yourself in the culture of a touristic place, you need to have better linguistic skills to interact with the local citizens.

Looking for an EXCLUSIVE Holiday Gift for her?

If you are thinking of a Holiday GIFT FOR HER! Now, EXCLUSIVE from FURLA!

Just A GoProer X Coucla Refaat Youth Inspiration

An invitation to both Mazen Yassen, Content Creator at Just A GoProer, and Photographer Coucla Refaat to attend WYF2018 in Sharm el Sheikh, sparked a collaborative effort.

6 Things to Consider When Buying Violin

If it’s your first time buying a violin, there are a few helpful tips to make sure you find the right one.

How To Love Your Man

There are 6 pillars of a relationship that show your real love to your man.

Prince Harry is the best

Showing acts of kindness throughout his life, he has shown he has a bigger heart even more than everyone believes he has.

Autobot Wedding Transformers

Optimus Prime was found at a wedding back in October stealing the bride away from her groom.

Save your sites before Google Chrome flags it

Starting this month Google Chrome will begin flagging every website that doesn't have "HTTPS" in their URL as "Site Not Secure".

Mony Helal Crowned Miss Egypt 2018

Mony Helal was crowned Miss Egypt 2018 and qualified to the 68th Edition of Miss World Pageant scheduled to be held in China this December.