Worth Reading: Rock Bottom to Rock Star

Written by self-made multimillionaire CEO - Ryan Blair - after the success of his first book: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain. Blair's first book earned him bestselling author stature, and this follow-up thought-provoking book is guaranteed to solidify that stature.

The British Council in Egypt is driving Creative Economy Growth

The British Council in Egypt is bringing some of the UK’s top strategists, educators and creatives to Cairo to share their experiences and engage with the local and regional entrepreneurs who are building a sustainable economic future.

In case you were wondering, UBER Egypt Stabilizing its prices

Uber announced that it will not be raising its fare prices for its riders

Hisham Kharma Launches Al Yaqeen

A fusion music project that’s been in the making for 15 years has now come to life. Musician and Music Composer Hisham Kharma today launched AL YAQEEN, an album that is about that moment in life when everything stops and vision is crystal clear.

Countdown to RISEUP Summit

RiseUp, the Middle East and Africa’s leading entrepreneurship event, and the platform that connects entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, experts, and stakeholders, announced the dates of this year’s RiseUp Summit, taking place from the 9th to the 11th of December at The GrEEk Campus in Downtown Cairo.

How to Travel with the same prices as before the Egyptian...

Many had travel plans or still have a few countries on their bucket lists that they want to go but the new high prices (+40%) will hinder them but no more!

Egyptians making Squash history

Egypt is the first nation in the entire 40-year history of the iconic Professional Squash Association (PSA) Men’s World Championship to have six players in the quarter-final stage.

Six Shatafa alternatives when traveling 

Everybody we know loves to travel but they know it comes with the agony of not finding a shatafa or bidet spray. Here we give you six shatafa alternatives when traveling.

Globetrotter Offer on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, our favorite airline for the region launched a campaign to take you around the world for culinary experiences called the Globetrotter offer.

DJ Ahmed Eid newest Homecoming

Ahmed Eid, our favorite DJ in Egypt released his latest single "Homecoming". The single is available on Soundcloud below.