ELMENS Initiative to Highlight 100% Egyptian Products

It’s no secret that currently the Egyptian economy is not doing very well… at all. That’s where we come in; in the coming period of time we intend to shed some light on products that are 100% Egyptian #egyptian100100


Le Collezioni announces the opening of Alexandria branch with latest Summer 2016 collections for Armani, Versace, Dsquared and many more


Girls tend to misunderstand Men whilst they ask them to keep a close look on what they do and do their best to understand them. Well Honey, please know these Rules first then let's talk.

The Best Classic Cars to Drive Daily

There's been a rising trend now, people looking for classic cars and refurbishing them. This created markets and exhibitions where people show off their metal. So we decided to create a list of the best classic cars that you can drive daily.

All you need to know about new Tutankhamun tomb discovery

There is speculation everywhere about the Tutankhamun tomb new discovery. Much is rumored around. Here is the official story from the Ministry of Antiquities.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Pamper your Mother on Mother's Day with these exquisite gift ideas. They range from a few 100 to 1000s of pounds but she deserves Millions in our opinion.

5 TED Talks to Improve Your Love Life

The folks at TED have assembled an incomparable collection of talks that illuminate this most mysterious phenomenon called Love.

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Stress

We must learn to deal with stress or it will literally kill you. As humans we are only supposed to be incredibly stressed out when we are fighting for our lives.

Denim Heaven !

Actually yes denim pants are not the only option there are alot more to impress from the world's most famous comfy material. Designers showed some iconic denim pieces between jackets, blazers, vests, shirts, wallets, bags, pocket squares, shoes & so as the trim pants.


There are these women that your mother or your best friend warned you about. These girls will harm you or at least will do you no good. Here is a list of Women that you should not marry at any cost.