6 Tips to Completely Remodel Every Corner of Your Home

Sometimes, you have financial constraints like running your household, paying bills, repaying loans, or putting aside money for medical emergencies. Then, that does not mean that you cannot remodel your home on a budget.

9 Things Only Egyptians Understand

Egypt is exquisite, Egypt is special. Egypt has stuff that you like that only Egyptians can understand.

ELMENS Guide to watch NFL while traveling

NFL season is almost starting and we have a business trip to New York. We missed the playoffs and we couldn't miss more. We decided to show you ELMENS guide to watching NFL while traveling.


The dark side is eating more of Zamalek and destroying what is left of Civilisation. The resistance is rising to try and save what is left of a beautiful island named Zamalek!

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes?

Packing your fruits and vegetables is very important, and it needs some special attention.

DJ Ahmed Eid newest Homecoming

Ahmed Eid, our favorite DJ in Egypt released his latest single "Homecoming". The single is available on Soundcloud below.

Burberry OFFER

Burberry Holiday Promotion now on, from 10% to 25% off

How Can a Trip to Dubai Desert Safari can be Worthwile

If you visit Dubai and miss a chance for a desert safari trip then why did you even visit Dubai.

How to handle if a tire burst and you’re going at...

Reports also suggest that most of them could have been avoided if the driver was able to act properly and this is what you should do here.

In Love with The Monster !

When creativity meets fashion and surely Karl Lagerfeld you will always find the special, Modern & Unique designs only at the Italian fashion brand "Fendi".