Your little one is smarter than you think! Kids have curious and imaginative minds. They love accessories or images that will make them marvel and wonder about different worlds. So, if you are planning for your kid’s room decoration, you need to get innovative. Generic pictures of animals or animated characters won’t cut a good impression. It would be best if you chose striking imageries that carry a story within.

Child psychologists suggest that parents can encourage creativity in their kids right from the formative years! Your kid is more receptive to lively and artistic ideas during these years. So, why not start from his or her room décor? Here are ten animal posters that go perfectly well for your kid’s room décor.

  1. Hairy Rabbit Poster

animal posters

Has the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland tweaked your kid’s imagination? If yes, then this poster will be an excellent addition to this her or her room. If not, you can introduce both the story and the animal poster and unlock your kid’s creative mind’s portals. Your kid might have childlike stories to share about his new hairy rabbit friend.

  1. Hairy Bunny Poster

Does your kid love the easter bunny cookies and toys? If so, then you bring home this hairy bunny poster and add to Easter celebrations. The bunny is a symbol of good luck and happiness. This poster might inspire your kid to make vibrant easter crafts like sock bunny, paper plate bunnies, bunny hat, and bunny eggs. You and your kid can even make bunny candies for this new friend.

  1. Panda Illustration Poster

Most kids have been watching panda videos on Facebook and Instagram during this lockdown! This big white and black furry chap is known for his laziness and cuteness. Pandas love their owners, chew bamboo sticks, and laze and roll around on the grass. They are playful in their little world of slow time and comfort. Getting a panda poster for your kid’s room will add to their energetic nature. And if your kid is outrageously lazy on weekends, this poster is the right match!

  1. 3D Polygonal Cat Poster


Kids might not be receptive to cat images, but they get drawn to innovative art! Polygonal art and prints throw varied imageries and ideas to mind. For instance, you might find your kid looking at it and mulling about other animals. It aids the stream of consciousness and encourages them to push the envelope of their thoughts and creative visualization. You never know, she could grow up to be a visual illustrator!

  1. Cute Hairy Bear Poster

Bears have a grandfatherly element in them! They look wise, affectionate, and are protective. If your kid has watched “The Jungle Book” and loved Baloo, it’s a fair idea to bring home this poster. Though the cute hairy bear doesn’t embody a perfect Baloo like the animated film, it can still be a loving companion and play a worthy part in your kid’s imagination.

  1. Fox in Winter Poster

There’s more to a fox than its shrewd and intelligent traits! And let not your child grow up with the stereotypical notion of a fox. Instead, allow them to ponder on this poster and get curious about animated characters like Vixey, a vixen from the 1981 Disney film named, “The Fox and the Hound.” Vixey is used to the ways of the forest, and later Tod falls in love with him. Allow your little one to know more of animated fox characters like Nick Wilde, a con-artist fox, and develop quirky humor.

  1. 3D Polygonal Deer Poster


At times, you need to say yes to an animal poster because of its art type! Polygonal art has a 3D element in them and creates a visual prismatic experience. A deer is a sign of forest intelligence, swiftness, and innocence. Other than a Christmas sign, it is also a good omen.

  1. Unicorn Silhouette Poster

Life should have a dash of magic and surrealism, to trim off its mundane and monotonous shades! And the Unicorn poster does complete justice to this. The Unicorn is known for its magical powers in the alicorn; this poster would ignite the magic realism that kids carry in them.

  1. Cute Hairy Tiger Poster

Befriending a tiger might be your kid’s childlike fantasy! If so, then there’s no better idea than to bring home this poster. After all, your kid will love the idea of having a cute tiger for a friend at home. To know more about this, you can check out

  1. Orange Elephant of Origami Poster


Do you want your little one to learn origami? If yes, bring home this orange elephant poster and allow him to see the art tricks that paper can do. It might urge him to create his favorite animal kingdom through origami.

Kids are known for their freedom and sense of adventure, and they get drawn to descriptive and arty images. You can browse through the animal images mentioned above and take your pick.