The Eden Motel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, has this incredible Batman-themed room. For 1500 pounds a night, you can relax in your own personal bat-cave.

The Batman room Features include a Batman headboard, Tumbler-shaped easy chair and functioning bat signal. We’re speculating here, but it’s possible that you shine the bat signal when you need help from reception: for instance, your trouser press is faulty, or you’re running low on those little pots of milk.

But what if you don’t like bats? Well, fear not. The Eden Motel also has a Catwoman room (2000 pound a night), and rooms themed on the The Wizard Of Oz, A Bug’s Life and Sex And The City. You know, all the classic films.

But Would you spend a night in Batman’s room on your Honeymoon?

There’s also an Alcatraz room, just in case you want your stay to be a constant reminder of a derelict high-security prison.

Would you go all the way there to stay in this room? Would you go there for your honeymoon?

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