How to Solve Mirror Cube under Two Minutes 

Various 3 dimensional figures have been converted into puzzles for the active functioning of the brain. The classic Rubik’s cube has evolved into so many types of interesting cube puzzle. One such a puzzle is the mirror cube. It has colorless faces of uneven length, height and width. However, when solved, it looks like a perfect cube with the same length, breadth and height. In case you do not have one or wish to buy another, there are various online sites which have exclusive collections of mirror cubes. Take a look at mirror cubes at, one of the leading sellers of cube puzzles in India.

Solving the mirror cube is very similar to a classic 3*3 Rubik’s cube. It is easy to solve. For beginners, you need to be well acquainted with the classic Rubik’s cube to solve this one. This is because a lot of the moves require intuition and understanding as to which piece will fit in which place and how to shift it. Unlike the classic Rubik’s cube, the dimensions of pieces are varying. It could be difficult to identify or recognise the pieces. You will need to pay proper attention to it. Try playing with a mirror cube for some time before you actually start solving it. This is to get you acquainted with the cube.

The steps to solve the cube are the same as the classic Rubik’s cube. Solve the cross, then the corners, second layer and the third layer. The steps are mentioned in brief below –

The cross

In the mirror cube, you make a cross by levelled pieces/edges. The pieces which level with each other are considered to be similar. You have to make a cross similar to the one in a classic Rubik’s Cube. Start by searching for the longest centerpieces and keep an open eye for pieces which will go with the centerpieces. They should be levelled. The starting part of the cross should have similar edges. You will have to search for another edge which gives you a line. Keep doing this until you complete your cross.


Placing the corners

Next thing is placing the corners. Firstly, before placing the corners, align the edges to the centerpiece along with the cross, so you will need less moves. Secondly, search for a corner piece, place it over where it levels. The colors in the mirror cube are missing but the aim is to get the same levelled pieces to eventually come on the same side. This involves a lot of Trial and error and intuition. Do not worry if you do not get it in the first attempt. Mirror cubes can be tricky. Complete the corners one by one to solve mirror cube.

Finally, match the edge with the centerpiece. Judge by the size of the cavity in the cube, huge pieces cannot fit in small spaces. Keep rotating until matched up pieces fit.


Third layer

After you are done with two layers, only the third layer is left. On the bottom line, like a 3*3 cube, you will have an L shape or a line or a directly solved cross.

To solve this layer, you will have to do a cross, just at the last layer. To solve the L shape, do the algorithm to solve mirror cube –

F R U R’ U’ F’, which will give you a line.

By doing it twice, you will get the cross. Identify the L shape, remember to only count those which are at the same level. Any piece at a lower or higher level does not constitute the same layer.

In the L case, hold it in such a way that one side of the L is on your left and the other is facing you. Now perform the algorithm –

F R U R’ U’ F’. This algorithm will give you a line, two more pieces will be slept by now. Do the algorithm F R U R’ U’ F’ again.

This will give you the cross. Now, you have to match the edges with their centers. Hold one of the incorrect edges towards you and the other facing your right side. Go ahead and perform the algorithm –

R U2 R’ U’ R U’ R’.

Orient the edges

This will align all the edges to their centers. Now, you merely have to orient them in a way that the cube is unscrambled. So, hold the perfect piece towards your right and the incorrect to your left and perform the algorithm –

L L’ U R U’ L U R’ U’ and move the top once.

Now, focus on placing the corners properly. Follow the algorithm to solve mirror cube –

R U2 R’ U’ R U’ R’ L’ U2 LU L’ U L.

After this, only two pieces will need to be oriented again. For this, follow – R U2 R’ U’ R U’ R’ L’ U2 L U L’ U L. Follow the same algorithm once again. By this, you have solved your cube.

If you do not get it right in the first try, there is no need to hassle. The mirror cube is one of the trickiest cube puzzles. Wrack your brains to beat this unique cube!

Happy Cubing